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How to Be More Confident

Confidence is not something we are born with. It is a sense of worth developed over time through positive experiences and relationships. And you know what? Confident guys gets the ladies.

So, if you are interested in learning how to be more confident to pick up women, you’re in luck. It’s not as difficult as you may think and with a few tweaks you can be on your way to a more secure perspective!

Overcome your negative thought patterns

Confidence is all about eliminating those self destructive thoughts which tear apart the fabric of self assuredness. This negative approach to thinking takes time to eliminate as they are often habitual processes we have taught our minds.

In order to begin thinking positively about yourself, try a few of these exercises:

• Look in the mirror and point out all the good attributes you have
• Say nice things about others
• When a negative thought enters, analyze the reason it is there and then remove it.
• Have a replacement thought for each negative one you eliminate
• Smile more
• Laugh more
• Spend time meditating
• Get physical exercise
• Write a list of all your good qualities and keep it handy for when you feel down
• Spend time with positive people and stay away from negative influences
• Give yourself credit
• Treat yourself with rewards for jobs well done
• Leave the past behind


The goal is to practice positive thinking which will in turn snowball a level of confidence you didn’t even know was possible. The more positive you feel about yourself and life, the more you will influence others and become someone people want to be around.

This doesn’t mean you should become a people pleaser but rather you should become in tune with yourself and others in order to eradicate the negative tricks your mind plays on your self esteem.

Set goals to make changes

Confidence also comes with the ability to be capable. Whatever your path in life, always be sure you are setting goals to succeed. The smallest hurdle is as important as the biggest mountain to climb so don’t be overwhelmed with saving the world. Instead, work on little transformations you would like to make such as getting up half an hour earlier each day or drinking one less soda.

Any forms of self improvement will aide you in having a more confident outlook. The more you are able to fulfill goals and obligations, the more you will feel competent and in control of your own life. This will eventually radiate from you to others and confidence will be the ultimate outcome.

Have confident body language

In order to learn how to be more confident, sometimes you need to change your physicality first. Showcasing strong, dominant body language can result in influencing your mind. Use these body language methods and practice them whenever you can.

• Keep your eyes up and never down
• Make direct eye contact
• Don’t cross your arms or block yourself in a defensive manner
• Have good posture including shoulders back, spine erect
• Take up a good amount of space in a room
• Use gestures to express yourself casually
• Don’t fidget or move around
• Plant your feet
• Control your voice, laughter and smile
• Have the body attitude that you own the room

By using these methods, you should be on your way to learning how to be more confident. Each person is different and confidence can sometimes take time to develop and achieve. Be patient with yourself and realize that it will come with practice and experience. Know who you want to be and set goals to actualize this personal transformation.

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