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How to Bring Girls Home from Bars and Clubs

The bar and club setting is not just more competitive but it can also be easier to bring home the ladies. Liquid libations are the prime equation. They can make or break any deal.

After a few drinks a woman will either be one of two things, completely unapproachable or else loosely awaiting approach.

It basically works like this…a girl will have a few drinks and immediately her guard will be down. This doesn’t mean she is easy to take home however.

On the contrary, her new found courage may simply be all she needed to reject you upon contact rather than nicely let you down. Women are funny creatures…some don’t like to hurt feelings because they are insecure or timid and therefore become lethal after a bit of boozing. Others on the other hand may open up like springtime blooms from one single dose of affection. It just depends.

Your job as a guy is to weed out the difference. Stay away from Miss Priss who has finally decided to embrace her witchy side and look for Miss Loosey Goosey who is ripe with a need to express her overflowing affection. Here’s how to spot the easy ones:

-She’s looking for attention.

Perhaps, she’s dancing on the bar, or talking to every stranger she meets. Either way, she is making herself known and heard and therefore will most likely be open to pursuit. Generally this girl is dressed provocatively and has that “party girl” attitude going on. She plans to have a fun night, whether it is with you or someone else.

-She’s on the dance floor.

And many on the dance floor are on her. This girl is not showing signs of shyness or an inability to deal with people in her space. If she’s out there funking it out with all the guys, you can be sure she’s feeling riled and in the mood.

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-She’s making direct eye contact.

If she’s looking your way and isn’t shy about smiling or looking away, she’s more than likely interested in getting your attention. Even if she is looking at someone else, you may still have a chance to jump in there before he does. Just because she didn’t see you first doesn’t mean you won’t be the first to take advantage of her openness.

Not to say you want to go out seeking the sleaziest girl in the bar. On the contrary, it’s simply a fact that drinking will allow a girl to be free and less inhibited therefore making your approach easier. Learning how to bring girls home from bars and clubs is simply about recognizing your opportunity.

Once you have found a receptive candidate to bring home, the goal is to make her laugh. If you can add on to the element of fun she is having rather than distract her from it, you will have much more success in leaving with her. All you have to do is help her have even more fun.

As the night progresses, so should your advances and innuendos. A few things you can do to drop subtle clues is:

• Whisper in her ear
• Kiss her lightly on the neck
• Tell her she is the most attractive female there
• Offer to drive her home
• Ask her if she wants to be lonely tonight or enjoy a little more company
• Be affectionate but not all over her

If you follow these guidelines, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out how to bring girls home from bars and clubs. Keep in mind you always want to make your move quickly as there is a lot of competition.

Once you have her attention, simply keep her guessing with subtle sexual references and advances. The more you lead her on without coming on too strong, the better your chances will be she will end up in your bedroom!

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