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How to Call a Woman to Ask Her Out

As a man, one may be expected to act tough and strong but there are really some things that one would still cower on, such as on calling a woman to ask her out on a date.

Asking for a woman’s number already takes a lot of courage and strength but picking up the phone to try and dial her number can be another thing.

What is it with men and their fear of calling a woman?

The pressure just really starts to build up when the other line is picked up: what to say, how to say it, how to deal with eventual rejection and how to hide one’s nervousness through all of this. Fear no more because you can read below a few tips on how to call a woman to ask her out.

1) Relax.

This may be the hardest thing to do in the world at the moment but do your best to do so. There is a big probability anyway that she is expecting you to call and that she is just as nervous at the thought of it. Do not give too much importance of the girl – think of your phone call as calling a family member or a long-time friend.

2) Do not expect anything out of the phone call.

Put this in your mind: not all girls have personalities that would be compatible with you so do not expect every phone call to work out right. Thinking of it this way would help ease your tension, lessen the pressure and take out that desperate vibe that could make its way to your voice (and freaks out the girl at the other end of the line, too). Expect the worse out of the phone call so you would not have to be as disappointed if you get rejected.

3) Sound excited.

Should you feel bored or tired then do not make the first call just yet. One of the important things to remember on how to call a woman to ask her out: make a call when you are in a good mood and your energy could be heard in your voice. Even if the girl declines your offer, do not let her know that you were affected (maybe greatly depressed) by the rejection. Sound like you were not bothered at all. Anyway, you could try again another time or if she is totally not interested, then just move on.

4) Tell her what you may be doing and then ask her if she wants to join you.

To stay away from your nervousness, you could start your conversation by telling her what you might be doing and that you are a much better company than anyone else. If she hesitates, interrupt her with a “You’re gonna miss out on the fun” line or a “You know, never mind. You might not want to have fun anyway…” line and she may just bite the bait.

5) Keep your call short and sweet.

Be sure to keep your conversation short and sweet. When she says yes then get off the phone right away. You certainly do not want to run out of ideas of what to talk about when you meet face to face.

These few simple tips on how to call a woman to ask her should help you get that yes that you are counting on and score you a date.

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