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How to Deal With Girls that Won’t Have Sex

For any man out there, you must have met this girl: that one that won’t have sex with you. Yes, it happens, and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you.

What puzzles most men is how long they should wait, or how they could get her to ‘give in’. However, the real question they ought to be asking is, ‘why does she play the waiting game?’

Understanding the reasons why she plays the waiting game helps to know how to deal with a situation like this.

So, here are some of the reasons she plays the waiting game and some tips on how to get her into bed.

1. She wants to be sure you’re not just after sex

A girl will usually make you sweat it out for some time if she thinks you’re going to use her for sex. Unlike guys, women want to feel an emotional attachment before giving in to sex, so a girl will not have sex with you if she doesn’t feel that connection at an emotional level (unless you’re dealing with a slut!).

She’s terrified of the prospect of looking cheap and foolish if it turns out you were a player. So, if you’re girl is still holding back on sex after months of dating, it’s likely that she doesn’t feel that connection yet and you’d better work at that first.

2. She’s not sure of the relationship

Yes, this happens all the time. You meet a girl and you seem to be doing great, but then she won’t give in to sex. It could be that she is not sure about where the relationship is headed to, or she’s just not sure she really likes you. This is usually the case if she’s seeing some other guy, and especially if she seems to be interested in him more than you.

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For some strange reason, many girls think it’s fine to be seeing two guys as long as she’s not sleeping with you. So, many times a girl will juggle two guys and only sleep with one that she feels more connected to emotionally (which isn’t you in this case).

3. She has set a time in her mind when she’ll sleep with you

Normally, the younger the girl is, the more she’s likely to wait before sleeping with you because she has probably set a timetable (mentally) when she will have sex with you. If she’s younger, this could be the case.

How to deal with it

The way you handle this situation is more of a personal decision but a few suggestions might help.

1. Keep going for it without talking about it. If she stops you, that’s fine, stop. Just go for it again sometime later as long as you avoid talking about it because if you do, she will hold out the more. When you keep going for it without talking about it, you’ll get her at a moment of weakness and she’ll give in.

2. Vaguely let her know you’re not sleeping around. But you need to tread carefully here, lest you give up part of your holding power – a woman will fight for attention if she thinks you’re seeing other women, which gives you power in a relationship. However, sometimes it is necessary to give her a sense of security, especially if she thinks you want to use her for sex.

3. You could also ‘freeze out’. This basically means you get cold with her, sort of get distant. Generally, you make yourself less available. If she feels like she may lose you, she will be more willing to sleep with you.

These are some of the ways you can deal with a girl who will not have sex but certainly, what will works depends on the reason she’s holding out, which you must try to figure out first.

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