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How to Escalate Attraction By Physical Contact

Have you heard about how important it is to escalate attraction with a woman?

If so, you might be wondering exactly how you can escalate attraction without "scaring her off" or trying too hard to impress her.

The easiest, most subtle and by far the most effective way to do this is through physical contact...but many men can't do this without coming off too strong.

This article will show you how to escalate physical attraction the right way...

The Big Picture of Escalating Attraction

Before you start applying the strategies of escalating attraction, it's important to understand that the overall strategy is to move forward two steps, and to pull back two steps. In other words, instead of consistently advancing the physical contact, you "tease" her a little bit by restraining yourself.

Most men make the mistake of thinking: "Okay, I have to get close to her, then I have to get her to hold my hand, then I progress to putting my arm around her, then to a kiss, then to..."

Sorry, but doing it this way is almost certain to get her defenses up. Escalating physical attraction is all about timing your advances and your "retreats" in the right way. The more that you practice this, the better feel you'll get for when to pull back and when to move ahead.

This will take the practice, but there is a general strategy you can use until you achieve perfection...

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When to Touch and When to Pull Back

As you have read in earlier e-mails, physical escalation begins with subtle touches or movements into her personal space: touching her possessions (purse, cell phone, rings on her finger), brushing against her when you walk next to her, poking her, grasping her hand lightly during conversations and things of that nature.

The more that you do this, the more comfortable she is going to become and eventually the more excited she is going to become...but there will come a time when the excitement will peak and self-preservation might set in.

As long as you pay attention to her body language, you'll be able to tell when this point is about to arrive. This is when you pull back and act a little bit aloof. Most women will naturally wonder why you have pulled back and will give you sell signals: moving close to you, brushing against you or reciprocating the type of contact that you were previously using with her.

However, her advances will only persist for awhile before she loses interest. Just as you feel this happening, is when you start to use touching to escalate attraction again. As you continue this process, you'll notice that her advances towards you when you are acting aloof will be more aggressive.

As long as you do this right, you will have her chasing after you. This is especially effective when you "feel" that she is ready to be kissed. Instead of going for a deep passionate long kiss with the tongue and everything else, hold back just a little. Remain one step behind her, but continue to use the subtle physical contact after the kiss.

The more that you make her "chase you" this way, the more aggressive she will get, until eventually...well, you know. The best part about using this type of approach is that she will see the physical advance as HER idea, instead of yours. This will be a breath of fresh air for her since she is probably used to men salivating over her like a dog over a filet mignon.

Do this right , and you might be "getting lucky" sooner than you would have by aggressively advancing the physical part of the relationship.

TIP: Hold back on going for the kiss on the first date, but use light touching to communicate that you're interested in her. You'll see that she'll be more likely to try and get a kiss from you.

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In the next e-mail, we will be covering one of the most important dating skills: telling captivating stories...