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How to Expand Your Social Circle

In case you weren't aware, the size of your dating life is often equally proportionate to the size of your social circle.

If you know how to meet women and places to meet women who are single, chances are you will have more success in your dating life.

Not only does it add to your perceived social value if you have a lot of friends, it also give you a stronger supply of options when it comes to connecting with datable woman.

Just ask any couple that you know how they met, and I bet they connected through a mutual friend. Not to mention that most women are more open to dating someone who they know something about than they are to dating a stranger who approached them in public.

But how do you build a stronger social circle and meet new people? Here are a few simple and effective strategies that you can start to use right away...

First, Start With Who You Already Know

Before you start trying to make new connections, work on strengthening your current ones. It's usually a lot easier and more effective to build your social circle from the inside out, instead of trying to bring people in from the outside.

Here are a few tips that will make this easier:

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* Make some introductions

Are there people who you already know who don't know one another? Invite them both out and introduce them. Do this as much as you can and you'll eventually start to build the reputation of being a connector, which is of great social value.

* Know What's Happening

 Have you ever known someone who always seems to know what everyone else is doing? This is the person who you can call and invite somewhere and you ask them: "Hey, what's __ up to tonight?" and they know. Be that person.

Make a list of your friends and get into the habit of just asking: "What you got planned for this weekend?" Even if you aren't planning on inviting them somewhere, do it anyway. Building this awareness will give you a stronger influence within your circle.

* Plan Group Outings 

This is the fastest and more powerful way to expand your social circle. Get into the habit of making plans once a month for group outings and invite your friends. They will probably invite other friends, and you'll probably meet others while you're out. When this starts to happen it's crucial that you talk to everyone and be the one who introduces the people who don't know one another.

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Get phone numbers and emails and stay in touch with the new people using the above strategies. Do this right, and you'll grow a robust social circle without even using these next few techniques.

But in case you're really serious about your dating life...

Reach Out to New People

Let's be honest, you probably already know how to do's just a matter of getting off your butt. Start talking to people and making connections that you can follow up on. Getting people's email is easy these days, and all you have to do is ask when you have a good conversation with someone.

If you think you need a reason to ask (which is best actually), tell them about one of the group outings that you're planning and tell them you'll send details in case they're interested. You can also tell them that you found a really cool website about something that you were talking about, but that you can't remember the name of it.

Even if you don't know of a site, you can probably find one if you look. Do this and use the previous three strategies, and with some patience and consistency, your social circle will start to expand.

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Now, in case you've been wondering about where you can meet women and are out of ideas, we'll be looking at some proven places in the next email.