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How to Gain Confidence to Talk to Women

While a lot of men seem to be smooth talkers, many of them continue to cower and instead act like idiots when talking with women.

A common reason why they tend to do so is that they have no idea how to approach a woman and what to talk about.

If you are one of these men who have such problem areas then do not retreat and never surrender. Do not put your other great aspects to waste – good listener, good conversationalist or good sense of humor – because you are scared to approach a woman and talk to them.

Try to overcome this fear and use the following online dating tips to gain your confidence to talk to women.

1) Be comfortable with yourself

The first thing that could hold back any man (even women) from talking with the opposite sex is the lack of self confidence. Before trying to get affirmation from other people, it is very important that you are able to regard yourself highly although not too much.

When one is uncomfortable about themselves, it will show in the conversation and a woman will be able to sense a man’s insecurities right away. Make sure that you have developed enough pride and self-worth in order to gain the confidence to talk to women.

2) Keep it friendly and casual

Another reason why a man would not have the courage to talk to women is that there is always that pressure on keeping the conversation flowing. To keep the jitters off, it may be best to pretend that you are simply talking with a female friend whom you have not seen for a very long time.

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Keep things light and casual and do not forget to use your sense of humor and share some laughter. Loosen up instead of pressuring yourself to make sure the conversation does not end abruptly.

3) Be knowledgeable

Men are naturally able to exude more confidence when he believes that he has a higher level of intellect than that of the other person. It is definitely recommended that a man possess knowledge on various things as it could definitely help build one’s confidence.

Being knowledgeable on many aspects could also help attract a woman without having to exert too much effort in keeping conversation. While confidence is a commodity when talking to women, overconfidence may also shoo her away, so use it wisely.

4) Let the conversation flow

Not having the confidence to talk to women is primarily because a man does not know what to talk about during the conversation. A man may have to be talking about 90 percent of the time as the woman will most often be caught off guard and will have to take some time to get into conversational mode.

In order to keep the conversation flowing, it is suggested to ask about hobbies, interests and such to see if the two of you share anything in common. Once the woman starts talking, it is already time for the man to become the listener. Men who talk too much about themselves often annoy women.

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