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How to Have Better Sex For Men

If you are like most men, then yes, steamy, passionate sex is indeed on your mind! Whether it’s on the kitchen table or in the bedroom; there is awesome advice on how to have better sex – for men.

All guys are searching for the ultimate high in sexual satisfaction; from porn to Maxim magazine guys are becoming quick studies on how to improve their sex life.

Here is a bit of advice to improve your sexual satisfaction and get more success with sex dating.

Keep it Interesting

Guys and gals need to change it up. Since women change with the wind depending on the state of their hormones and moods, it’s only fair to acknowledge a guys' need for variance as well.

The most important sexual organ we have is the brain. All senses travel through the brain and register there first. Switch up the routine and location to keep your mind stimulated. This will ultimately trickle down to the other interested parts of your body!

Extended Orgasms

One method for an extended orgasm is to practice holding the orgasm back a little and then more each time. This little game will train you to have a much more explosive and longer lasting orgasm.

Try a sperm volume enhancement. As men orgasm, the muscles around the penis begin to contract. The first few contractions are the most intense and happen at intervals of 0.08 seconds each time.

As the orgasm continues the contractions slow down and fade. The more sperm ejaculated, the longer the orgasm lasts. A sperm volume enhancement pill or supplement can help to increase the amount of sperm being produced.

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How often do you get annoyed because she expects you to read her mind? Well, when it comes to frolicking with you in the hay, you may need to eat your own advice. Open up a tantalizingly whispered dialogue to tell her what you want, i.e.: slow down, faster, yes, right there.

If your idea is a bit more imaginative or involves more dialogue such as role playing, then it is recommended to discuss this before hand. Asking her to play a character in the middle of intercourse could turn her off with anxiety.

Learn how to ask for what you need and be willing to listen to what she wants. Chances are her desires will arouse you and visa versa. If you don’t feel comfortable talking, simply making pleasure noises is enough to get the point across that you are feeling good.

Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms work differently for a guy. He needs time to regroup or reload so to speak. The best help for this is to grab a snack in between. Preferably eating something with sugar such as chocolate or even a banana is useful.

These are quick energy remedies to help a guy charge up and ready him for another round. Keep in mind, intimacy is the goal not the orgasm. This will take performance pressure off of you and allow you to have fun with it.

What’s great about this information on how to have better sex – for men is you don’t have to buy any crazy gadgets or get a penis enlargement. These simple techniques will help improve your sex life right away. Get your girl involved and find out what she would like to have better sex. With openness you can both share a healthy, hot and steamy sex life.

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