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How to Have Sex on the First Date

If you have a new and exciting attraction, things may be heating up rather quickly. With the results of good chemistry in full swing, you may be ready and wondering how to have sex on the first date with a new crush.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, there are some very erotic and tantalizing secrets to insuring an evening of pleasure happens immediately.

For Guys:

Learning how to have sex on the first date can be more challenging for men than it is for women. This is because a female is a bit more complex when it comes to acting out her sexual desires. Here are a few things you can do to turn the heat up a notch and get her into bed!

Wait…wait…wait for it…NOW!

That’s right guys; your best play is to entice her. Subtle touches without being all over her throughout the date will get her going. Don’t be quick to put your hands all over her; instead, brush her lightly.

Rather than kissing her, whisper something in her ear. After a few hours of this seductive teasing, she will be begging for you to lay it on thick and heavy. That’s when you can proceed with a more passionate approach.

Steamy Movies

It may sound cliché’ but a girl will easily be aroused by a sexy movie. Turn the lights down, light a candle and have a cozy place to snuggle up.

Fun Foods

Get creative, make or order some chocolate covered strawberries to feed her or suggest making ice cream Sundays. Be sure not to forget the whip cream! Other ideas are warm honey or a raw oyster bar. The natural aphrodisiacs will contribute to the ensuing bedroom bliss.

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For Girls:

If you are in the mood for some seductive, sexual fun; you too can learn how to have sex on the first date. Luckily for the ladies, this is much easier to achieve.

Hands on Deck

In other words ladies, just get up there and get your hands on him. A guy is turned on by a female who is bold and sexually aggressive. All you need to do to get him in bed is make it clear you are in the mood!

Suggest a Stopover

One helpful tip to get a guy to bed on a first date is to be the one to suggest hanging out in the vicinity of a bedroom. Guys will be less apt to out rightly suggest this as they don’t want you to think they are horny jerks. So, take the pressure off him, “my place or yours?”

Show Him How Pleased You Can Be

Psychologically men are programmed to please women. By giving him subtle signs that everything he does pleases you, you ultimately build his confidence. His mind will begin to wander into other more sexual areas wherein he may be able to please you even more. Be a good receiver.

Laugh at his jokes, touch him affectionately when he is kind and whisper in his ear that you like what he is doing so far. He will be wagging his happy tail all the way up to your lair without hesitation.

Knowing how to have sex on the first date should set you up for some very fun and sensual adventures. Keep things playful and flirtatious and you are sure to have a satisfying evening.

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