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7 Tips to Pick Up Girls Easily

Men who are successful at engaging women know there is a methodology to the art. Discussed below are 7 tips to pick up girls easily.

If you can master these techniques, meeting and dating will come easy.

Tip 1: Find the Right Venue

There are good places to meet girls and then there are bad ones. Be sure you are looking in the right spots to begin with. Here is a list of great venues to meet and attract women.

Grocery Stores
Book Clubs
Singles Events
Dance Classes such as Tango or Ballroom
Yoga or Pilates Classes
Organizations or Clubs
Volunteer Events
Night Clubs
Book Stores

Now, the list below is very bad venues and circumstances to pick up girls. They may be common sense but you would be surprised how many guys ignore this advice.

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Don’t pick up girls anywhere near;
Your best friends’ sisters’ bedroom.
Your students’ locker
Your moms’ bingo hall
A renaissance fair
A street corner
On a bus
At a funeral
Your sisters’ sleepover
ANY family holiday
Your wedding!

Tip 2: Make Eye Contact

Don’t see a pretty girl and then look bashful and unsure. Look at her directly, hold the gaze long enough for her to know you meant it and then look away. Never stare.

Tip 3: Be Confident

If you want to pick up women, you simply have to just do it! Go for it and don’t be shy. The more you try the better you will get. Women appreciate a bold approach and someone who is not afraid to talk to them and express interest.

Tip 4: Be Humble

While confidence is great it is important to also be humble. Without the humility you are nothing more than arrogant. Be able to laugh at yourself and be real.

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Tip 5: Be Funny

Women love a guy who can make her laugh. This doesn’t mean be a circus clown. It also doesn’t include doing impersonations of the 3 Stooges. Instead have fun playing, teasing, jesting and laughing together.

Have funny stories to tell, perhaps things about your childhood you or she will find amusing. Create a memorable experience for her. Not to mention laughter releases a chemical which relieves stress and is very healing. She will be less apt to forget the guy who made her feel good and happy.

Tip 6: Forget the Pick up Lines

Pick up lines have become cliché’ nowadays. Women approached with cheesy or memorized pick up lines tend to get annoyed. Just because you saw it in the movies doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in real life. Don’t be so boring.

If you want to talk to a girl, just talk to her. A simple, “Hi, how are you?” will do just fine, truly. Women won’t think you are not original. They are looking for someone who is genuine, not a Shakespeare wanna be.

Tip 7: Take it Slow

Don’t be so quick to run over to her and propose. Simmer down and take a beat. First make eye contact. Next time make eye contact and smile. If she smiles back, you’re good to make the next move. You can then spend the entire evening playing cat and mouse; consider it an extended foreplay. It will certainly turn up the heat for when you finally walk up to her.

These 7 tips to pick up girls easily will improve the success of your dating endeavors. Just remember, dating is secondary. Gaining her interest is your first offensive strategy.

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