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A Fantastic Way to Strike up Conversations

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Do you ever feel that you could have amazing interactions with women, but that you just can't get past the initial ice breaking stage?

You've probably seen a LOT of woman that you were just dying to have a chance with.

These are all women that you KNOW would be interested if they'd just give you a chance right?

But how do you strike up the initial conversation with them without them shutting you down cold? If you're itching to know this, you're not alone...and you're about to learn two fantastic steps that will help you start a conversation with any woman.

First, Ask For Advice

Napoleon Hill once said that opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. People love to give opinions, sometimes even when you don't ask for them. Why is this? Because of people's basic need for significance. When you listen to a person's opinion or advice, you validate them as a person.

So what kind of an effect do you think it will have if you ask for a woman's advice to start a conversation with her? You can bet that she'll be willing to offer plenty of it...perhaps even more than you bargained for. Here are three things that you can ask for advice about that will be sure to get a woman talking:

* Fashion
* Relationships
* Pop Culture Topics (opinions about movies, music,  actors and actresses etc)

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The next time that you go out, find one way to ask for advice in each of these three areas. Use them to start conversations with women, and with other people who you meet. This will help you to build sharper conversation skills for when you meet a woman you're interested in.

Second, Talk About Something "Personal"  Most women are very guarded when it comes to talking about personal things with men. But you can easily get past this by talking about something which is semi-personal.

For example, once you've asked for a woman's opinion or advice on something, you'll have a good idea of what kind of person she is.

Why is this? Because opinions and advice are very personal, in spite of the fact that they might not be about a person. This is because they are based on a person's perceptions of things. Dr. Steven Covey once wrote that we don't see things as they are, but we see them as we are.

In other words, our opinions and perceptions of things are based on our inner beliefs. So in asking a woman for advice about something, you're asking her something "personal" without her realizing that she's talking about something personal.

Most people aren't self-aware enough to realize that their perception of things tells you more about them than about the thing that they are describing. So once you've asked for a woman's advice or opinion, the next step would be to ask her more about why she feels that way.

This allows you to sneak past a woman's defenses because it creates the illusion that you're still talking about something that's impersonal. You'd be amazed at what you can learn about her just by doing this.

By far, the most telling descriptions that people give of themselves come through their descriptions of how they perceive the world. Here's a fantastic technique for putting this principle to work in your conversations with women...

Pick a popular movie and ask her which character she would be if she were in the movie. This also works for TV show characters, sports heroes, cartoon characters, animals or historical figures. By telling you which of these things a woman perceives herself as, you can get her to tell you things about herself that she would never reveal directly.

Try this, you can start with someone who you know and see how powerful it is.

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