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Alpha Body Language to Attract Women

It is no surprise women are interested in men that are strong, superior and confident. The good news is that any guy can learn alpha body language to attract women.

By observing the tendencies of mating rituals found in nature; we find the same alpha male principals vibrantly displayed.

A male animal will approach a female with his head cocked, feathers flared and will generally strut his stuff in an effort to be selected as her new beau. Similarly we find a guy who uses his masculinity correctly, generally gets the girl.

How to be Alpha

To be an alpha male you must first begin by incorporating it into your everyday life. You cannot simply “act” alpha and also be a sincere and likeable person. The guys who pretend they are Gods gift to women are usually the ones who get the eye rolls. If you want to attract women, learn to “be” an alpha. To do this you have to work on four particular physical elements.


To be an alpha male, practice using your voice in a way that is steady, controlled and sure. You want to speak so you are sure to be heard yet not bellowing loudly across the room. Remember, an alpha male doesn’t need to draw attention; the attention is his.


Presenting yourself in a way that suggests you are a strong protector is your strategy here. Women being the less dominant species, (as far as brute strength is concerned), will look for the strongest man to keep her safe.

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You don’t have to be a big, brawny guy to showcase this to her. What you have to have is a tenacious presence. To do this, keep your chin held high, shoulders back and chest forward. When you enter a space, take up as much room as possible and consider it your territory.

Never cross yourself or indicate a protective stance. You also should never cross your legs while standing, throat, chest or crotch. Doing these things would indicate a weakness or insecurity in your body or yourself.


Another important focus of alpha body language to attract women is your eyes. Eyes should always be intent, steady and never directed down towards the ground. A woman wants to see the confidence and surety reflected in your eyes. To convince her of this you must look directly into her eyes and be able to hold the gaze. Don’t blink or look away but be relaxed and at ease.


An alpha face is relaxed and at ease. It is also always tilted upward rather than down. The smile should be sincere and not tense or forced. Smiling indicates you are sure of yourself and able to be at ease around others.

Never squint, frown or scrunch your eyebrows. Maintaining control of your reactions is important while allowing them to come natural. For example, if you are going to laugh, don’t open your mouth wide and roar. Instead laugh calmly and without looking like you are causing yourself pain.

Following a pattern of alpha male body language to attract women will give your dating life an edge. Not only will women be highly intrigued by your presence but people in general will be drawn to your intense persona.

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