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Buying Clothes and Picking Up Women

You don’t have to be a trendy shopper to dress appropriately. When it comes to buying clothes and picking up women; style is a personal preference.

That being said there is a way to enhance your wardrobe and accentuate the qualities women prefer.


In order to pick up women you need to first and foremost be clean. Clean is not simply a matter of throwing some clothes in the wash and removing them from the hamper whenever you decide to get dressed. Instead, consider pressing your shirts.

Have a polished, clean look. If you are more into the rock star look, it doesn’t matter; no one wants someone who seems dirty, disheveled and looks homeless.

When selecting shirts, the style is up to you. If you are a casual guy who only wears t-shirts and sweatshirts with logos, you most likely will attract a similar type of female. If you want to pick up women who are attractive and take pride in their appearance you will need to do the same.

In this case a nice ironed button up collared shirt is the way to go. To give it a casual look, wear a t-shirt underneath and leave it unbuttoned. If you are interested in a shirt with stripes, make sure it enhances your body.

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Vertical stripes will make you appear taller and thinner. If you are already quite tall and thin, you may not want to go with this look. Horizontal stripes will give the appearance of short and wide. If you are overweight at all, never purchase horizontal stripes for your wardrobe.

Jackets are a great addition to a wardrobe and will dress up any look. They can be hip, professional or sophisticated. If you want to be a hipster, consider a shorter leather jacket which is fitted and not baggy. A tweed jacket or suit jacket is a nice professional look. For sophistication consider a nice trench coat, either lightweight or heavy depending on the weather.


When selecting pants, consider women would like to see what you have going on. Don’t wear baggy, loose fitting pants. This is sloppy and doesn’t show off your figure. A nice pair of designer jeans in a straight leg or boot cut is an attractive casual look. The more your backside is accentuated the better.

If you are interested in a more upscale look, consider a simple pair of khakis which are nicely fitted. Also, showing a little package in the front will attract women and peak their curiosity. Not to say you should wear super tight pants (please don’t do this). Anything which fits well will showcase all your physical qualities in the best light.


When buying clothes and picking up women, shoes should be a part of the wardrobe budget every time! Women love men in boots! You should definitely have at least one hip pair of boots. Also, because women pay so much attention to shoes, it is imperative you keep your shoes polished and clean. This is a big deal and you will attract many more women if you take care of your shoes.

Finally, regardless of how much you spent on a new wardrobe, the important thing is how you wear them. Having a sense of style and adding your own unique accessories or touches will show a woman that you take pride in your physical presentation.

When you are buying clothes and picking up women the best thing to remember is to dress with confidence. Purchase things which make you feel good about yourself and this will resonate with the females around you.

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