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Funny Ways to Start Conversations with Women

Can you guess what the second most attractive trait is in a man? Of course the first is confidence, as we've discussed in earlier emails. But the second is a sense of humor.

Women will tell you (in both their words and their actions) that they love funny men.

Having a sense of humor ensures that you can get away with saying things that might normally get you slapped, so it's the perfect tool for building sexual tension.

I could go on and on about how important a sense of humor is, but how about we look at some funny ways that you can start a conversation with a woman instead?

Some Playful Conversation Starters Playful conversation starters are best for women who have a bubbly and outgoing attitude. For women who are more direct and self-contained, we'll be covering a few other types. But playful approaches are great icebreakers if you use them with the right tone and delivery. *Tip: Be sure to watch comedians for practicing delivery.

Here are a few playful conversation openers:

* "Am I ugly?"This works really well if she looks at you and then looks away.

* "Did you just touch my butt?" Works really well if you just walked up to her.

* Walk up to her and make a big and obviously silly smile. Then say: "That was hideous wasn't it?" Tell her you've been practicing and ask if she has any suggestions.

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* Walk up to her and say: "I like your face."

* "You wanna hear a really dumb pick up line?" you can find a TON of these on the web. After you tell her, say: "I bet you can top that one right? What's the worst one you've ever heard." This could turn into a really fun and interesting conversation.

Just remember that the purpose of starting a conversation with a woman is to connect with her. Make sure that you're prepared to engage her in a meaningful conversation.

"Cocky Funny" Conversation Starters

 The master dating coach David DeAngelo swears by the attraction that "Cocky Funny" humor can create. This is because if it's done right, cocky and funny communicates confidence and a sense of humor. Just be sure that you're using some strategies from the other emails to develop confidence...otherwise this approach will come off as mere arrogance.

Here are a "few cocky" conversation openers:

* "You're such a meany." Then tell her about how you see her breaking all the guys' hearts who are trying to approach her (this only works if she's in a place where men are approaching her).

* Wait till she's done rejecting a guy who approached her and say: "How did he do?" No matter what her response is, tell her she's mean for rejecting the poor guy.

* "It's not going to work out." -Tell her it's because she's prettier than you.

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* Break up with her; tell her it's over and that you need to break up. Make up some dramatic reason like that she's smothering you. If she objects, play along and agree to give her one more chance.

* If you're feeling really confident and really have a strong humorous delivery, use the previous one and then ask if she wants to have make-up sex.

These openers can be a great way to open up some dialogue which creates sexual tension. Again, make sure you also add some substance to the conversation or you'll lose her when play time is over.

"Intellectual Funny" Conversation Starters These are for the brainy/nerdy girls - other women might not respond to them very well or think that you're "weird."

* "Have you ever seen someone that you don't know again? Cause I think I've seen you before. I feel like God's running out of extras in the movie of my life."

* "Have you ever wondered why the word "phonetic isn't spelled the way it sounds?"

* "Have you ever wondered why abbreviation is such a long word?"

These are just a few ideas, if you're interested in other inquisitive/funny questions; there are plenty of sites online that have them. If you're speaking to a woman who enjoys an intellectual challenge and who has a good sense of humor, you'll have a lot of fun with these conversation starters.

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Of course, the number one rule is to have fun getting to know one another. Now, on to some more serious stuff: Ever had a girl flake on you? Well, in the next email, we're going to talk about how to keep that from happening...