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Great Pick Up Lines For Women: For The Ladies Who Prefer To Take Charge

Twenty years back, the notion of women initiating the idea of dating is something that is conceivable. It was not just within the accepted norms of society for a woman to take a proactive stand when it comes to dating. Incidentally, the times have changed.

Society’s norms have evolved to the extent that it is no longer frowned upon if there are proactive ladies who take an aggressive role in dating and relationship.

To the liberal minded, this recent development is a breath of fresh air which is made possible by the widespread use of these so called great pick up lines for women.

The concept of these great pick up lines for women is not something that came into practice in a blink of an eye. These were developed and polished over time by constant use and application until they were proven to produce the desired results.

As a matter of fact, these great pick up lines for women have to undergo the test of time before they were considered as generally accepted dating principles. It was only after they have been constantly used and applied that these pick up lines have been widely accepted.

Here are some of these great pick up lines for women which have been commonly used by many ladies out there and have resulted to great success:

1. “You are the blanket that I have been looking for to keep me warm. Go hop into my bed.”

2. “You are the best coffee brew. Smooth and suave, just the way I love it.”

3. “If I could tell Mr. Klaus what I want for Christmas, I would tell him it’s you.”

4. “Sorry, I did not mean to make you mine, but, it looks like you were meant for me.”

5. “I have been looking for someone to spend my life with. But from the moment I saw you, it seems that this searching has come to an end.”

6. “Will you have dinner with me?”

With these tried and tested great pick up lines for women, certainly, they are sufficient to provide all forms of advantage to every woman out there who opt to use them. While these may not guarantee absolute success, they will surely ensure that a woman who wishes to get noticed by the guy of her dreams will surely get the attention she craves for.

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