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This is How 99% of Guys Blow the Approach

Did you know that 99% of the guys who blow an approach with a woman do it almost exactly the same way? Can you imagine how much easier it will be for you once you know how NOT to approach a woman?

One thing is for sure, just about every man who actually has the guts to approach women still has no idea what he is doing.

And what good is it to understand exactly how to attract and build relationships with women if you can't even get past the initial approach?

Well, If you want to make sure that you stay out of this sad majority, this might be one of the most important things you'll ever read...

Before You Approach: Check Your Head

You might think I'm about to give you a pep talk about how you have to have a positive mental attitude and approaching a woman. But what I'm actually talking about is how the majority of men approach women with a big "Come to Bed With Me" sign on their forehead.

In other words, they make it ridiculously obvious that they are desperate for the woman's approval and out to impress her. Can you guess what women interpret that as? Well, since it's obvious that you know nothing about her character, they interpret it as you trying to "tag and bag them."

We have already mentioned several times during this e-mail series that neediness is a direct route to rejection (or the friends zone...and that's if you're lucky). The more that you telegraph interest to the woman, the more her defenses will go up and the more Friday nights you'll be spending surfing the personal ads online.

So what can you do to make sure that you're not coming off as needy?

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First, Up Your "Rejection Quota"

This might sound silly, but in order for you to start developing the natural skill and connecting with women, you need to get a LOT of practice. Practice, as you know means that you have to risk a lot of failure and rejection. Even if you're doing everything exactly as you're learning in these e-mails, you're still going to get some rejections.

But one thing is for sure...

The more rejections you get, the more refined your approach will get. The more refined your purchase is, the easier it will be for you to meet women. The easier it is for you to meet women, the more abundance of options you have, the less desperate you'll be.

Think about it: how much more desperate are you for money when you're out of work? Cultivating in abundance mindset is the fastest way to overcome neediness...but you have to get out there and start creating more options for yourself.

TIP: set a rejection order to yourself, and agree that if you are not getting rejected at least that many times a week, that you're not pushing yourself hard enough. If you do this, the positive results WILL come...if you don't give up.

Second, Approach Immediately/Recover Immediately

When you see a woman that you are interested in, don't wait any more than ten seconds to approach her. If you do, she'll probably catch you looking at her several times, or you'll have yourself so afraid by the time you approach her that you'll forget to play it cool.

In addition to this, when you are "rejected" by one woman, get right back into the game and approach another as quickly as possible. If you choose to crawl into a corner and lick your wounds instead, you'll probably come up with a dozen reasons NOT to approach another woman.

This will only cause you to become more desperate when you actually get your guts up to take another shot at. But if you approach quickly and recover quickly, your momentum will build and your confidence will build and you'll actually start having fun.

Imagine that.

Seriously, attracting hotties doesn't have to be a drag or by scary if you know who you are and what you can offer a woman. It all comes with 'Supreme Self Confidence' which you should have checked out by now. Here's that link again:

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Now, there's a subject that we need to spend some time with: creating intimacy and trust with women. Yes, it's not as fun for us men... but as you probably know, there's no way to keep a woman in your life without doing this...