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How to Become the Dominant Alpha Male

A lot of men nowadays are striving to become an alpha male. The main reason is that modern women are independent, assertive and confident and men are increasingly finding themselves cowed around these women.

The fact is if you want to get all the affection, good sex and love from women, you have to exude traits of an alpha male.

Women are drawn to an alpha male because he is rare, he is super confident and will remain calm when he’s in new company of modern, savvy women.

Men who don’t display these traits ill always find it hard to attract nice women, no matter the culture or country. Such men also realize that they don’t get much respect from fellow men in social settings.

Fortunately, if you don’t have traits of an alpha male, it’s not too late. You can learn how to become the alpha male by simply adopting these traits and incorporating them into your everyday life. When you do this, you will quickly notice the attention that women start to give you and how they respond in terms of sexual attraction. You’ll also realize that you start to get respect from other alpha males.

Here are the traits of an alpha male you must adopt.

Alpha males assume their role – there are typically two things that a man will do when he enters a room full of people: he will either search around for a leader to follow, or assume the role of leader and expect others to show respect and follow him. Alpha males have the second trait; they assume leadership, and definitely, such type of men always gets the girls.

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Alpha males have with and humor yet confident – whether you want to admit it or not, majority of guys live their lives without being  able to say what they really like to say due to ‘fear’.

This is more apparent in social situations where a ‘fearful’ guy will stick to safe and polite humor to ensure he comes off as a nice guy to everyone. Oddly, it turns out that women will actually find him unattractive and he may even be picked on by other men.

An alpha male uses playful confident humor all the time and makes women heavily attracted to you (if done the right way). Rather than appear arrogant, you will come off as challenging and funny and this is a magnet for women.

Alpha males are super confident – one of the first things women look for in a man is confidence because it turns them on and makes them feel safe around you.

Alpha males are masculine – you must have and show distinct masculine qualities which go beyond physical attributes. You must ensure that you’re very different from a beta male and this is something women can easily tell.

Alpha males always take the lead – a guy who is an alpha male will always have his mind made up. He doesn’t sit on the fence when it comes to decision making. For instance, if you’re at a bar with a group of friends and you find that it’s kind of boring and you need to change venues, an alpha male will suggest that you finish up your drinks and go somewhere else. A guy who is not an alpha male will wait for someone else’s lead and follow.

If you incorporate these traits into your life, you will see how your life can change in every aspect, not just relationships.

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