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How to Get Girls to Notice You

Do you ever wish you could walk into a room and cast a magic spell on every hot female in your vicinity? Well, while you may not have a pocketful of love spells, there are ways which can help you learn how to get girls to notice you in a good way.

Many guys make the mistake of showing off or turning into a clown around every pretty girl they meet. The problem is, girls aren’t dumb and they certainly know exactly what you are up to.

Because you lack subtlety and finesse’ they ignore your desperate attempts to gain their attention. These 3 tips will help you improve your chances and limit the amount of humiliation you may be experiencing.

Tip #1: Play Hard to Get

You may be thinking, isn’t that what women do? The answer is yes and no. All women love a challenge, especially attractive females who are used to the hunt. They are tired of the same old guy with the same old lines approaching them with the same old intentions.

Instead of being that guy, be the one who is indifferent towards her affection. Sure, you can hint you may be interested but the key word is MAY. Let it be her who proves herself rather than the other way around. To do this, you should make eye contact, smile but then look away and ignore her for awhile.

If you plan to strike up a conversation, try and do so with another person as well, particularly another female such as her friend for example. This will confuse her as she won’t know who you are interested in pursuing. This will create a small competition and trust me, ladies LOVE competition!

Tip #2: Have a Self Assured Presence

You may have heard this before but confidence is a priority if you want to know how to get girls to notice you. If you walk around with your head down or your shoulders slumped, you are expressing insecurity before even an introduction.

Keep tabs on your body language and know what you are expressing to those around you. Always walk into a room or area as if you own the space. Never cross yourself or look at the floor. You should have good solid posture with your chest out expressing authority and a reason for being there.

Tip #3: Use Humor in a Good Way

If one of your strengths lies in making women laugh, this is a good thing. Laughter releases “feel good” endorphins in the body. These chemicals are known to heal and combat stress and other ailments so why not make her feel terrific! The only problem is when you start to become the court jester in order to get attention.

If you are simply spouting regurgitated jokes or acting like a complete idiot to see her smile, she most likely won’t be interested. She may laugh or think you are funny but mostly because you are embarrassing yourself. Women don’t want to be around anyone who will bring them any form of humiliation.

Instead of being a circus clown, try incorporating some witty humor into the mix. Use the conversation to throw in a few random punch lines. Work on a couple of really good jokes which are intelligent in nature rather than raunchy or low brow. She will admire your mind AND ability to make her laugh and this will be an appealing quality rather than a turn off.

Finally if you want to know how to get girls to notice you, try and be sincere. Women appreciate guys who are real and not simply playing games. They are extremely intuitive and can generally read you like a book before you have opened your mouth to speak. Have consideration, confidence and a real personality and you will begin attracting them all the time.

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