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How to Pick Up Women in Bars and Clubs

Are you finding it difficult to pickup women in clubs and bars?

If so, it might comfort you to know that picking up women in clubs and bars is a LOT harder than picking them up anywhere else.

This is because they're getting approached by thousands of men and having to say no thank you (or something less polite) a LOT.

The good news about this is that if you master picking up women in bars and clubs, picking them up everywhere else becomes a breeze. So let's talk about how to do this...

First, Test the Waters

Okay, here's where most men make the biggest mistake. They approach a woman and they try to take the attraction right from "Hello" to "Can I get your number?" in one shot... and they wonder why they get shot down.

This kind of approach comes off as desperate and causes the woman to think that the man is interested in her, which he is.

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However, building attraction with women is all about keeping you guessing and making yourself a challenge to them. How can you do this right from the first interaction?

Easy... you approach her, talk to her very briefly, and walk away. Then go and talk to someone else for 10 or 15 minutes, and if you're interested in her, go back and approach her again.

What you'll notice is that by the second approach, two things will have happened: she'll be at least a little bit curious about you and why you didn't do what every other guy did to her that night...ask for her number on the first approach.

You'll also find that you'll both be a lot more comfortable with the interaction.

Second, Use Jealousy

Jealousy is a huge motivating factor when it comes to building attraction and setting yourself apart from the dozens of other men who are competing for a woman's attention.

If a woman has any kind of interest in you at all, seeing you with another woman (even talking to one) will build a sense of urgency in her.

So after you've approached her the second time, talk a little bit longer...but go and visit with another woman who you're working with. Trust me, this will stir the emotions of jealousy and make girls involved take on a more active stance in pursuing YOU.

It's the perfect way to turn the tables around.

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Engage Her and Build Jealousy

Once you've spoken to her for a while, ask her to dance, to play a game of pool or darts or some other kind of activity which doesn't involve too much talking.

This will get her used to being around you without additional pressure of having to carry a conversation. Also, if the activity involves a few people, you can take that opportunity to introduce her to some of your friends...or even other women who you've met.

This will completely throw her off guard and make you even more of a challenge. After all, your approach will be completely different than every other man in the bar.

By the time the night is over, you'll probably have your pick of two you want to leave with.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Take her immediately to a place where you can have some breakfast and talk. By the end of all this, you'll have an open door to get her phone number or to send her a text the next day. Whatever you do, don't try to get her home.

Even if she agrees, women who sleep with men right away often get stricken with guilt and grow cold towards that man.

Instead, get her phone number and make a short-term sacrifice to gain a long-term opportunity with her later.

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