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Is She Out Of Your League?

Does this sound familiar?

You're out with some friends of yours just chilling and having a good time. Then all of a sudden you see "her." Everything starts moving in slow motion, somewhere in the background you hear a Barry Manilow song playing. You look at her, she glances at you, you melt down like a block of cheese in an industrial oven.

What are you going to do? You fear that this one might be "out of your league." But how can you know for sure? Good question...

Let's look at a way that you can easily tell whether or not a woman's out of your league:

Dude, This Isn't Baseball

Just think about this for a second: are you playing baseball or is this real life? Is there anyone who is forbidding you to step up to the plate and take a swing?

Do you have to pass some kind of initiation to get into the game and play? Is there some kind of qualification that you have to meet? Of course not.

The idea that a woman is "out of your league" has nothing to do with what kind of woman she is. It has to do with what kind of a man you believe you are. If you want to know for sure whether or not the woman is out of your league here is one way to know for certain: don't talk to her.

Just sit there on your butt and don't do anything because you are afraid of her rejecting you. If you choose this route, then she certainly is (and always will be) out of your league.

But then again...

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Who Are You Willing to Become?

Probably one of the most important pieces of advice you will ever get about relationships is this: "The type of person you attract into your life is not nearly as important as the person you are willing to become." You may think that you "deserve" to have an amazing woman in your life, or you may simply believe that you don't deserve her.

Either way, deserving means nothing within the context of real-life. It's just a nice idea you were taught in kindergarten so that you would share your crayons with other kids. In the grown-up world, what you have to in your life is completely dependent on how hard you work for it, not how much you deserve it.

So what can you do to make sure you have what it takes to attract an amazing woman into your life?

A Question to Begin (and end) With... What kind of a man do you have to become in order to attract the woman you really want? This is a very serious question and one which many men don't have the guts to ask themselves or to live up to.

But imagine this:

If you were somehow actually able to attract an amazing woman into your life, what would be your chances of keeping her if you yourself were not the type of man that she really needed?

Sure, you might be able to learn some superficial technique in order to meet a woman. But if you want to enjoy a great relationship that lasts, you need to become the type of man that can maintain that relationship.

This starts, not with asking yourself whether or not she is out of your league. It starts with asking yourself if you are living up to your full potential as a man.

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That ought to give you something to think about for a few days.