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Opening Lines And Chat-Up Lines

Have you ever tried the cliché’, “Hey, how you doin?” and got the exasperated eye roll? Most guys have been in your shoes and struggle with good opening lines and chat-up lines to begin a conversation.

Women are such a mystery and many men are simply baffled by the initial approach. While generally these lines seem silly and ridiculous, they actually can help lighten a mood and quickly get you into a conversation that isn’t awkward or unsure.

By preparing something to say you have the advantage of placing the ball immediately in her court and generally getting at least a smile for your effort.

If you want to know what to say, there is good advice for how to proceed in winning hearts from the moment you first begin communicating.

Below is a selection of opening lines and chat-up lines to use depending on your style and mood on how to pick up women.

Forward Macho Lines

Guys who are macho are considered confident and alpha. You tend to attract similar types of women or at least women who are very forward when it comes to dating and sex. If you are the aggressive type and tend to pick up girls interested in confident men, here are a few lines you can use next time you are out.

• Do you know the difference between sex and conversation? Want to go upstairs and talk?
• Hi, I’m not pressuring you am I? I wouldn’t want to have sex without mutual consent. By the way, you have my consent.
• Do you believe in helping the homeless? Take me home with you.

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Funny/Witty Lines

Perhaps you were the class clown and still manage to put a smile on everyone’s face. The women you are trying to attract with these lines are intelligent and love to laugh and have fun. If you enjoy humor and women who appreciate a good joke, these are great lines to break the ice and get her laughing with you rather than at you.

• Is your dad an alien because noting in this world could be like you?
• Hey, just wanted you to have the satisfaction of turning me down say no; go ahead.
• Didn’t I used to pull your hair in elementary school? You look familiar.

Silly/Romantic Lines

Romance is something which will attract the girl drawn to charm and sweetness. The lines should come across as genuine and bashful in order to show your sincere side. When memorizing these romantic lines, add a few fun gestures such as pretending to take off your hat and bow or kissing her hand. If you are a romantic at heart, these schmoozy, cute lines are perfect for charming the ladies.

• Can I stare at you for a minute? I want to remember your face in my dreams.
• Was your dad a thief? Because someone stole the stars and placed them in your eyes.
• How was it? Heaven, when you left?
• When they invented our alphabet they should have placed U and I next to each other.

Regardless of which opening lines and chat up lines you decide to use, always remember to be real and sincere. Smile and don’t be creepy when you first approach or begin communicating with someone and they will remember your courage and charm.

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