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Tips for Picking Up Women in Gyms

If you are like many guys, you may have approached a woman working out at a fitness facility with a cheesy pick-up line; only to be immediately shut down.

While this is a terrific spot to meet a girl it must be done with care. Here are a few tips for picking up women in gyms.

Tip #1: Make eye contact but never stare.

Although a sweaty, flush faced female may get your blood going, a woman does not at this point feel attractive. Also, women are very self conscious when they are undone and in the middle of working on a figure they may not be happy with. Gawking at the gym will make her very uncomfortable as she is not there to be your sex object.

Instead, try going to the water fountain when she does (once) or smile and say Hi after you have seen her there a few times. Chances are she may start looking for you.

Tip #2: Go alone.

Don’t show up with a swarm of beefy, loud mouthed buddies. Not only is this crowd of testosterone obnoxious but your buddies could blow your cover. This is not the type of attention you want to draw.

Instead, be single. The goal is to watch for a moment when she may need a partner for a spot or have a bit of down time to chat. Working out alone indicates you are there for personal growth; not social networking.

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Tip #3: Join a class.

It’s not rocket science that most yoga, Pilates or cardio classes are filled with single women. Don’t assume guys aren’t allowed. Women today are eager to find well groomed, mature, metro sexual men who are confident enough to expand their horizons. What they are not seeking is a muscle head who’s more interested in his biceps than his personal attunement.

Tip #4: Approach casually.

Whatever you do don’t strike up a conversation with cliché’ lines like, “Hey, lookin’ good on those leg curls.” A line like this is a bad idea. You may end up getting smacked for your obvious rudeness. Why is this rude? It just is. Girls don’t want you to be obvious about picking them up at a gym. It is their sanctuary. Bars are for pick up lines. Gyms are for friendships first.

If you want to strike up a conversation, try a more casual approach, “I notice you take the Ashtanga class. I was thinking of trying yoga, how is the class?” Be self deprecating, say, “Do you think a guy who’s a beginner can handle it?” She will appreciate your humility and will most likely be eager to talk about something she enjoys. Hey, she may even volunteer to show you the ropes.

Tip #5: Don’t ask her out after one conversation.

Many guys ignore this tip for picking up women in gyms. Chances are if you’ve seen her once, you will see her again. Many women will turn a guy down simply because they don’t know them and it’s too soon to take interest. These days, especially, women are more wary and cautious about engaging with a stranger they just met.

Have a few conversations. Once you have established a friendship or acquaintance at an opportune time you may invite her somewhere casual. A favorite after workout smoothie bar or coffee shop is a good call. Take it slow, keep it real.

Don’t listen to your buddies on tips for picking up women in gyms. Remind yourself often, the gym is not a bar. Give them a chance to notice you and establish a friendship. You will see success after a few tries.

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