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How to Please a Woman

Females are mysterious creatures and sometimes it can be difficult for a guy to know just how to please a woman. There are, however, a few tricks you can learn which can be added to your arsenal of intimate bedroom knowledge.

Alternatively there are also some misconceptions which should be made clear to every guy seeking female company.


• Every Woman is the Same

No, every woman is not the same. They are all built differently, inside and out. They have different turn-ons and turn offs. There really is no one method which works every time.

• Women Like it Hard and Rough

Not every woman agrees with this idea. Many men learn how to please a woman by watching overdone pornography and other forms of media (generally scripted by men). Some women enjoy pleasure softly, slowly and gently. Some women enjoy both depending on their mood.

• If She Doesn’t Orgasm, You are Doing Something Wrong

Sorry guys, wrong again. The truth is according to research done by Dr. Phil; 90% of women who have problems achieving an orgasm are blocked by a psychological reason. Some have performance anxiety, feel pressure from their partner, can’t relax or just have a hard time letting go.

Guys, you just need to stop trying so hard and learn to enjoy the moment and not the finish line. An orgasm doesn’t have to be your victory trophy. 10-15% of sexually active American women have never experienced an orgasm. This doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying it. Women enjoy sex primarily for the intimacy it creates between you and giving pleasure is often as rewarding.

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Advice on How to Please a Woman

First of all, take it slow. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but for some reason guys continue to ignore this basic rule of thumb. Foreplay is a fantastic way to warm her up. Women don’t have the same automatic on/off switch. You can’t just will for us to be turned on.

Unfortunately we are more complex and it takes time for us to let go of our daily stresses and unwind. We also require a certain level of safety and security to feel open and ready. Slow kisses, body exploration and teasing are a good place to start giving a woman an addictive rush.

• Don’t go Straight for the Prize

It’s annoying when you head right down there as if to say; okay let’s get your part over with so we can focus on mine! Many guys are so concerned with finishing before she has that they rush in to capture the flag before it’s too late.

Who came up with the rule that she has to go first? Perhaps if there wasn’t so much pressure it would happen more naturally. Why not allow her to go ahead and pleasure you a little first. Surprisingly your response to her is what will help her climax.

• A Helping Hand

Why not help her out a little or at least don’t be offended when she helps herself. 50-75% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm through intercourse. Even if she doesn’t need a hand per say she may need just the right position to provide stimulation.

• Wait for it

It is super helpful to bring a woman close to orgasm before engaging in intercourse. She will have a much better chance this way, not to mention she will be all primed and ready for you by that point.

• The After Effect

The best thing a guy can do to learn how to please a woman is to treat her with love or tenderness after the job is done. To a woman, sex is an intimate offering in which she has just provided her soul for a man and exposed herself in a way that is completely open. There is nothing worse than a guy who kills the romance by rolling over and falling asleep.

A little cuddling, soft kisses and an extension of the intimacy helps a woman feel loved rather than objectified. It’s not that we want you to be grateful; it’s that we want to know your tender, romantic side wasn’t just a ruse to get us in the sack.

Mastering this advice will give you the experience you need to please a woman every time. Take it slow and don’t presume to know what one individual wants. Explore together to create a rich and healthy sexual relationship that is both satisfying and rewarding.

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