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How to Tell Captivating Stories to Women

Have you ever studied any of the literature about the men who were great leaders in history? These are men who were highly respected then and passionately loved by women.

Did you know that there is one character trait which all of these men had in common? They were all tremendous storytellers.

Whether they were using stories to teach, to motivate, to inspire, to scare or to entertain, these great storytellers use their skills to captivate the love and attention of all people.

Can you imagine what this kind of skill could do for you in your dating life? If so, you are about to learn the basics of telling a captivating story...

First, Make it Believable

Even if you are telling a story that is fictional, it has to have a degree of believability in order to captivate the attention of people. Even the greatest fantasy and fiction writers know how to create stories which are somewhat rooted in truth.

The best way to accomplish this is to make the characters of your story believable. If you're telling a woman a story about something that you and a friend of yours did in high school, maybe something crazy and daring and exciting, remember to set the scene by telling her a little about what your friend was like.

This will give her a clear picture of the character and help the story to come to life. Making a story believable also requires you to demonstrate enthusiasm as you are telling it. This means using body language, voice inflection and excitement as you are telling the story.

 Second, Give it Passion

One of the most passionate and persuasive storytellers in history was Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon would spend hours while he was alone practicing the art of using emotion and inflection in his voice. It's probably not a coincidence that this man was one of the most capable military leaders in history because of his ability to speak with authentic emotion in his voice.

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TIP: Pick a simple story that you know well and can tell without having to think too much, and practice telling it with a lot of emotion in your voice and body language. Practice this in front of the mirror until you become comfortable with telling the story with the emotion.

Third, Use it to Communicate Your Value

Okay, this is where you get to brag about yourself, but you have to make sure that the "bragging" is told in subtle clues throughout your story. For example, there are four character traits which will communicate to a woman that you are a man of high value:

* Being a leader of men
* Being a defender of those you love
* Being passionate about what you believe
* Being a man of action

Can you remember a particular story of your past when you lead or inspired someone... maybe more than one person? What about a story where you defended someone you love or took a stand for something that were passionate about?

Is there an example that you can give her which will seem like just an innocent and entertaining story but which at the same time will communicate a subtle message that you are a man of high value? If so, this is the story that you need to practice telling with excitement and enthusiasm.

Make sure that you give her a little background about the characters involved so that the story is believable and so that she can get a clear picture of how the story unfolded.

TIP: If you are having trouble thinking of a story which portrays you as a leader of men, a defender of loved ones and a man of passion and action, just ask some friends of yours or family members. Do this as soon as you stop reading this e-mail, and commit some time to practicing this story.

She will be eating out of your hand, and closing the deal will seem effortless. It's about knowing what she's looking for in a man and making sure that you fill that list!

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In the next email, we will be looking at one of the most crucial parts of meeting and interacting with women: the six point first impression checklist...miss any one of these and your first impression just might be your last!