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Important First Date Tips

As exciting as a first date can be, it can also be just as scary. After all, this event is a make or break thing and would determine on whether or not something special could come out of the two of you. This is the reason why first dates must be carefully planned, especially on the part of the man.

Below are a few important first date tips that you ought to consider and remember if you want to have success on your first date.

Making sure that you regard these things when planning and preparing the perfect date would surely increase your chances of getting a second date in the future.

1) Consider the location well.

Movie dates are actually not a good idea on the first date. Why is that? You will rarely have a chance to talk with each other and to get to know each other well since you will be focused on the screen. Besides, your movie neighbors would probably want to get you kicked out of theater for being too noisy. It is always recommended to go out for dinner on a first date but make sure not to go overboard and to keep the evening simple.

2) Be confident.

A man who exudes confidence will look incredibly handsome no matter what. Still, remember to dress properly and neatly on that big night and make sure that you are well groomed. Refresh yourself on the good manners and etiquette you ought to follow on your date – hold the door open or the chair out and be on time.

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3) Be a gentleman.

While it is a polite gesture to initiate paying for the restaurant bill since, after all, it was you who asked her out in the first place, a woman may be allowed to pay the tab if she insists on paying it. However, one of the important first date tips that you ought to remember is to decline the suggestion. If she does insist again, then allow her to pay for whatever she wishes to pay. Women would like to be treated as an equal.

4) Maintain a good conversation.

Throughout the entire dinner, it is very important to be able to maintain good conversation with her lest you bore her with your company. Maintain eye contact while doing so and show interest in the things that she has to say. It must also be remembered that to keep a conversation going, a man must be the one responsible of carrying the conversation 90 percent of the time but he must also be more of the listener than the talker.

5) The conclusion.

A few last but not least important first date tips. Do not let your dinner together last too long. The best time to put a conclusion to it is a few moments after the both of you have finished your plates. Drive her home and be honest – tell her that you had a good time or not (but without being too harsh). If you would like to have another date with her, do not play hard-to-get and give her a call after a day or two.

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