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Learn To Attract Women: Preparing For the Approach

If you are a single male, it is important to learn to attract women and preparing for the approach before jumping in blindsided.

A female will register many qualities about you before you begin a dialogue. This guide will assist you in successfully attracting her attention first.

Step 1: Grooming

Get ready to meet girls by taking care of your physical appearance. Dating is like marketing; you must first insure that you, as a product are a desirable commodity.

This means; do shave, do wear deodorant, do tone up and do wear clean underwear and clothing. The better you take care of yourself, the more likely it is she will be attracted to you physically. Sorry guys but girls don’t want dirty, hairy, sweaty, unkempt guys – bottom line!

Step 2: Confidence

Always be confident. Use a few alpha male tricks to increase your physiological desirability. When you walk into a room, keep your chin up and head held high. Always have a presence that indicates you are in charge and control of every given situation. Women are drawn to the men who are the strongest and most able to take care of them.

Step 3: Avoid Pretentions

Don’t over exaggerate your financial strengths or weaknesses for that matter. Have it but don’t flaunt it unless you are looking to buy a depthless girl. Avoid wearing excessive jewelry or discussing the model of your car in great detail. While women are looking for providers, they prefer someone who will be more interested in her then in their Benz. It is a myth that all women are gold diggers.

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If you don’t have it, certainly don’t pretend but be sure you have goals and a life plan to discuss so she knows you are not a loaf. Don’t whine and cry about your desperate state of affairs either. The last thing she wants to hear is how hard life has been for you and how difficult it is to pay rent.

On that note, have realistic goals and not some pipe dreams that you have no intention of pursuing. Don’t make up opportunities or scenarios that are not true just to impress her with your plans. Most likely she has dreams as well and understands the hard work involved in having them come to fruition.

Step 4: Notice Everything

Always be in observation mode. Your goal should be to look for ways to make people feel special. Learning to attract women and preparing for the approach involves the friends and people around them.

Pulling a chair out for her friend or buying a round of drinks for the birthday party will have her admiration for your thoughtfulness. Consider asking her pointed questions or noticing small quirks, this will make her feel special and intrigued.

Step 5: Be Charming

Notice this says “BE” charming don’t “Act” charming. Charming includes: smiling pleasantly, a warm disposition, a friendly attitude and an engaging, interested personality. Many men confuse charming with seductive. Seducing a female is a sure way to turn her off before you’ve begun.

Keep the “knight in shining armor” model in mind and be a gentleman, not a player. Thoughtfulness and genuine care for people is a great way to attract her as it would be for anyone.

Successful dating begins with learning how to attract women and preparing for the approach. Avoiding common mistakes before you begin your conversation or introduction will help you be a more viable guy in her eyes.

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art of approaching women and picking up ladies

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