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General Dating Rules for Men

Learning the complex nature of women can be a challenge, especially when dating and building a relationship.

The nuances derived from an emotional, female perspective are enough to drive any guy crazy.

On the positive side, if you take the time to understand a female point of view and learn a few general dating rules for men, you should have a lead over your competition in the playing field.

 Below are very important rules to master and follow when dating the opposite sex.

• Don’t use cheesy pick-up lines
• No sex on the first date
• Don’t bring up the ex
• Give her your full attention
• Be a gentleman
• Give real compliments
• Always call the next day
• Always pay on the first date

Don’t use cheesy pick-up lines

If you want to date her, simply approach her with confidence. Of course you should get to know her a bit first lest you seem superficial but then you can ask her out. Cheesy pick-up lines are for idiots who are lacking in decent social skills.

No sex on the first date

Even if she wants it, refrain. She will respect you more and your attraction rating will go up immediately. If you have no intention of ever dating her again but decide to have sex anyway, the word will get around that you are nothing but a player in disguise and odds are you will have more trouble finding a date within your circle. By waiting, you are showing self control and creating desirability.

Don’t bring up the ex-girlfriend

While this is self explanatory, it should be noted not to text, call or interact with any other women while dating. Your success will be measured by your ability to make her feel special. To do this she should feel like she is the only woman who exists in that moment.

Telling stories about your ex, whether positive or negative will only raise a flag that you are not over her. Be sure to save these heartfelt discussions for a time when your relationship is further developed.

Give her your full attention

Be a fantastic listener. Ask questions. Show interest in her answers. Never, ever take interest in other women while on a date. Observe everything about her. Nothing is more satisfying to a woman than knowing she is being heard and understood.

Be a gentleman

Although it may seem the era of chivalry is over, it is not so. Even with strong, independent women, girls ultimately want an equally strong or stronger companion. Opening doors, offering your coat or pulling the chair out for her shows your consideration and ability to take care of a woman. She will think, “How sweet”. Never forget the female fantasy of a knight in shining armor or prince charming.

Give real compliments

Notice the little things and compliment her. Try not to use generic, boring compliments which seem regurgitated efforts to impress her such as, “you have pretty eyes” or “I think you are beautiful”. Instead be creative.

Comment on her style or how mysteriously attractive she is. Anything which doesn’t sound like memorized lines will do. The better you make her feel, the more likely she will want to continue dating you. Don’t over do it and make sure you are genuine and not trying too hard to impress her.

Always call the next day

Regardless of whether or not you plan to date her again, it is always a good idea to call her. If you aren’t interested, general dating rules for men require for you to simply say, “I enjoyed my date with you.

I was just calling to let you know I will be busy the next few weeks but I appreciated getting to know you.” This way you are not eliminating the possibility entirely in case you change your mind but you are respecting her enough to let her know not to wait around.

Always pay on the first date

While there are more and more financially independent women these days, the first date should always be on you. This is the gentlemanly thing to do and women expect to be doted on. Generally dates are often split, double Dutch style.

If you continue to date, an open conversation about your financial ability is advisable. If she really likes you she won’t mind contributing. Regardless, the first impression is important and women want to be coddled and taken care of to some degree.

These general dating rules for men can be broad but these are some of the most important. If you follow the guide above, you will be successful in developing positive dating habits as well as attracting women in general.

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