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Giving Compliments to Women – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Every woman enjoys an ounce of flattery now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to know, however when it is appropriate. Below is an outline of giving compliments to women – should you or shouldn’t you?

This will help define the moments when your attention will be appreciated versus when you may be sticking your foot in your mouth or looking like a dunce.

Compliments SHOULD be given….

• When you notice something real about her you like.

In other words, she changed her hair and you think it’s attractive or she smells nice. It is always appropriate to comment on these small details and ultimately women will be very receptive to this style of warmth.

• When she does something caring or thoughtful.

In general, women are givers and often taken for granted. Think about your Mother or Grandmother for example. How many things have they done for you and yet you failed to give them the due credit.

This happens to women all the time and sadly they are used to not being acknowledged for their altruism. When a man notices something she offers freely of herself, her heart soars with proud recognition. She thinks, “Finally, a man who notices who I am on the inside!”

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• When she is hurting or in need of attention.

Perhaps she seems a bit more insecure than usual or down? If you notice an emotional issue, the best advice is to boost her confidence with a compliment rather than analyze her state of well being.

Most women are complicated and tend to over exaggerate their troubles. They often fall into emotional ruts and can easily feel unloved. By expressing affection through a compliment you help them restore their own internal balance.

• When she is expressing a complaint or grievance.

If she is venting and letting you in on an agitation such as a fight with a co-worker or argument with a family member, your best response is to counter the negative with a positive personal statement.

If she says, “So and so said I was wasting my time working on that proposal” you could say, “well that’s just because she is jealous she isn’t as talented as you.” You get the picture? Feed her venting with positivity and she will bounce back much faster and always feel good with you around.

Compliments should NOT be given…

Indeed, there are times when a compliment is not appropriate and will cause a negative reaction. It is important when giving compliments to women – should you or shouldn’t you that you consider these incongruous moments.

• When you don’t mean it or have alternative intentions.

If you tell her she is pretty or amazing just because you want in her pants, more than likely she will be aware of this insincerity. Don’t be enticed to butter her up just to make yourself look better.

Women are way too savvy for this sort of decoy and will not fall for it unwillingly. That doesn’t mean she may not let it slide but your best bet is to refrain from saying anything at all unless it is truthful.

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• When it is unrelated to the conversation.

Let’s say she is venting about her day and how difficult it was and you go and say, “You are so sexy” she may simply slap you for your lack of consideration. This confuses many guys who can only think, “but I meant it” and don’t consider how this made her feel.

By not relating to what she is saying, you are basically ignoring her emotional needs and instead focusing on your (more physical) desires. This comes across as self centered and careless.

• All the time.

While yes, women love compliments and will certainly eat them out of your hand, offering them up all the time will diminish their ultimate value. If you want her to relish in your affections, be sure to dote on her only when appropriate. Laying it on too thick can have the opposite affect and cause her to be turned off by your overly lovey-dovey tendencies. Compliments are nice but be sure they are warranted.

• At an inappropriate time.

It shouldn’t have to be said but many guys stick their foot in their mouth by saying dumb things at the wrong time. A funeral is not the place to say, “Hey, I like your sexy back end.” Other times to keep the sexually explicit compliments in check would be in front of colleagues, relatives or mentors. In fact, these types of compliments should be reserved for more intimate moments alone to avoid embarrassment.

Deciding on giving compliments to women – should you or shouldn’t you can be fairly simple if you follow the basic guidelines outlined above. Women do love compliments and you will often hear them bouncing back and forth between a flock of females.

Just keep in mind if you are going to join in, yours had better be real and come from the heart or they will sniff you out like a fox in the hen house.

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