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How to Keep Her from Flaking On You

Don't you HATE it when a woman flakes out on you? You know, you set up a date and she either doesn't show up or she calls at the last minute with some story like: "My best friend just flew in from Europe and she wants me to..."

Meanwhile, you're thinking: "Who flies in from Europe on a moment's notice?"

They don't! The woman is flaking on you!

Anyway, I'm sure the real question is how you can keep women from wasting your time with this kind of crap, so here goes...

Proactive Flakiness Prevention

The primary rule for dealing with flakiness is to learn to call out the obvious. Let's be honest, most of the time you can "feel" when a woman is going to flake out on you. The problem is that most men don't have the guts to call out the obvious.

They simply sweep it under the rug and kick themselves later saying: "I had a feeling she was gonna do this...I should have said something."

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Don't give this a chance to happen!

Instead, when you're about to hang up the phone after making the date (or to say goodbye if you're setting it while in person) ask her:

"Okay, before we hang up, let me ask you this: What are the chances of you not making it on ___?"

You see, the problem with flaky people isn't that they have trouble keeping their word, it's that they have a hard time telling people no. So they say yes because they know that they can always put off saying no (or just never show up or answer your calls).

But if you ask them straight out if there's a chance they won't show up, they'll either give in and be honest, or the manner of their response will reveal how committed they really are.

Either way, you then have the option of either rescheduling the date or dismissing it altogether.

Another way that you can proactively deal with flakiness is just to do a better job of qualifying her interest. In other words, ask her a test question like: "So what do you do for fun?" or "What are you doing on___?" or "Have you ever___?"

By asking these questions and listening to your gut when she responds, you ought to be able to tell if she's interested or not. Most of the time, women give subtle clues that they're not interested. In fact, they do that more than they tell you directly.

If you learn to pay attention to these, you'll avoid asking women out who aren't really interested and who are going to flake out of the date.

Enforcing the "One Flake" Rule The final (and most important) rule for dealing with flakiness is to apply and enforce the "one flake rule" with no exceptions. In other words, make sure that a woman only has ONE chance to flake on you.

Let's be real, no matter how good you are at prevention, you're always going to have at least a few flakes slip through the cracks. This is where the "one flake" rule comes in, which is as follows:

The first flake is the last flake.

That's right. Don't waste your time with a flaky woman. She's either not interested or inconsiderate and irresponsible. Either way, you're lowering your men's social value and your confidence by tolerating this.

There are a LOT of single women out there who would LOVE to be with a great man. So let the flakes go and give the real women a chance to find you.

So the next time you're asking a woman out, apply the flake prevention formula:

* Test her interest by asking one of the test questions
* Double check by asking what her chances are of not making it
* If she flakes once, cut her loose...and TELL her why you're cutting her loose!

Most important, if you don't yet have her number, ask for it! Speaking of asking for the number, there's a right way to do it... ...more on that in the next email.

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