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How to Stay in a Lasting Relationship

“For lack of an occasional expression of love, a relationship strong at the seams can wear thin in the middle.” Robert Brault

Relationships go through changes like seasons. There are the winters of turmoil, rifts and upheaval which affect even the strongest of partnerships.

If you want to know the secrets of how to stay in a lasting relationship, there are several key principals to incorporate.


Loving someone is easy at first. Liking someone is often the hard part. To have lasting relationships it is important to begin your foundation with a solid friendship. Sharing joys, sorrows, secrets and passions is the best way to build trust and create an open environment for your relationship to fall back on. When you truly know a person; understand their trials and fears, you will be much more accepting of the flaws they will inevitably possess.


Many relationships drift over time into a period of quiet comfort. Couples tend to take for granted the others thoughts and get busy in the routine of life. Unfortunately, by not taking time to talk, share and have personal conversations; a rift occurs which can ultimately lead to a disintegration.

Communication is a building block for couples. It is important to make time to talk to one another, express feelings and be able to remain open and connected.

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Romance is the thread which artfully designs the tapestry of a relationship. Without it, all that is left is a dull open canvas hanging sadly in decline. If you truly want to know how to stay in a lasting relationship, consider instilling a bit of romance all the time. Romance doesn’t have to be a grand showing of love but rather a small gesture or reminder can suffice.

All the little romantic endeavors add up. Things like love notes, sweet messages, candle lit dinners and massages are a perfect way to keep passion ignited. Being romantic doesn’t necessarily have to involve sex but should always involve the heart in some way.

Accepting Change

An important factor to consider in a relationship is change. Accepting new environments or change within a partner is extremely important. When a relationship is new, all the bells and whistles are highly polished and gleam with a freshness.

After awhile, the newness wears and begins to tarnish as flaws and misunderstanding expose themselves. Things happen in life which demands an adjustment; a move, a new job, a death in the family, children, etc. It is how you cope with change as a couple that determines your success.

Alternatively, as individuals grow and learn they also go through changes. Changes in beliefs, personality and overall views can happen frequently. When entering a serious relationship, be mindful of the journey you are both on individually.

As you grow and change, share these ideas and visions with each other rather than leaving them in the dark. It is much easier to grow together than to grow alone.

Exploring ways and learning how to stay in a lasting relationship is a big step in successful partnerships. If you are already on this journey, you are on the right path. Follow the principals above to enjoy long term success as a couple.

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