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How to Write Personal Ads and Personals

Did you know there are ways to give yourself an edge over the competition through dating profiles which are unique and interesting?

You don’t have to be an award winning, prolific writer; you simply need to follow these basic guidelines to learn how to write personal ads and personals which will captivate and intrigue interested dating prospects every time.

Here are some essential tips to improve your online dating profile easily.


To succeed in writing a fantastic personal you must learn to capture the middle ground between specific and general.

If you write that you are seeking a 120lb blonde who is 5’9” and loves fly fishing and belly dancing – well…you may be narrowing down your options to about zilch!

On the other hand, writing that you are seeking a single female who likes movies is not going to eliminate many candidates.

Ideally, you should list a few general requirements you may prefer and list perhaps one or two special interests which are important to you. For example; seeking a slender female who enjoys hiking or nature and can wear high heels or hiking boots.

This narrows it down to an outdoorsy, fit girl who can enjoy the outdoors but is still feminine.

Be Interest Worthy

Listing yourself as someone who likes walks on the beach or a candlelight dinner is not only cliché’ but boring!

It is important when discovering how to write personal ads and personals, you learn to incorporate wit, charm and interesting characteristics to describe yourself. While you may not have an intriguing, renaissance style life, you can certainly enhance your personal by uniquely describing common interests.

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Compare the two ads below as an example.


I am a hard worker but not too athletic. I enjoy crime thrillers, football and women.


I pride myself in working hard but don’t worry – I have time for you! I’m not scary to look at, although I haven’t participated in a triathlon recently. I do enjoy a cozy cuddle with popcorn and a decent crime thriller. If you like wearing oversized jerseys I might let you help me throw peanuts across a stadium between tackles! I work hard and play hard – want to play with me?

The second ad suggests someone who has transformed his fairly normal qualities into witty, fun-loving aspects. It doesn’t sound definitive nor does he sound bland because his choices of words are playful and easy-going. Implementing these online dating advice would almost instantly boost your chances by 50%.


Every personal should come with a good selection of photos to improve your presentation. Your picture says a lot about you so choose carefully. Below are a few general photo style categories and what they may say.

Buff, Muscular Pose or Showing Skin

You are into yourself, like fitness and/or are mostly interested in similar superficiality and sex.

Suit and Tie, Straight-faced

If your photo is an updated version of your senior high school picture – perhaps you in a suit smiling – you may be either a geek or a bit boring or over serious. This style of picture says you are all business. The personal needed a picture so you took the most generic photo you could to showcase yourself. It’s professional and perhaps you are a high school principal but it may be lacking excitement.

Photos with you and Friends

While it’s good to indicate you are socially active, posting a picture of yourself surrounded by friends with the “I’m wearing black, in the middle” caption screams you are insecure. You either don’t like any photos of yourself alone or you feel the need to over-emphasize how many friends you have. People searching for dates will not be all that interested in your flock of followers and it may be a turn off. Besides, what if your friends are more interesting and attractive to look at?

Selecting decent images is an important aspect of learning how to write personal ads and personals. Pictures tell a story and a good one is either a cute candid shot where you are doing something cool, thought provoking or silly. It can also be a direct shot posing in front of an awesome background like a recent travel adventure or trip. This shows culture and excitement in your life.

If you incorporate many of these elements when deciding how to write personal ads and personals, you should have original and positive presentation with which to attract dating prospects.

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