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Overcoming Rejection by Handling Objections

In order to date successfully, overcoming rejection by handling objections becomes the point of focus for many guys.

True pick up artists have learned these secrets and are able to gracefully turn a no into a yes every time!

By following the guidelines below you should be able to find success when picking up women and not have to deal with the piercing stabs of pain which coincide with rejection.

Let’s assume you have approached a girl, said Hi and she says…

Objection #1: I’m not interested!

What do you do? This is the most difficult objection to overcome because it is so cut and dry. There is a fine line between making your case and pleading your case with this one. Your best bet is to shrug it off and act confused. Pretend you weren’t even interested in her THAT way either and make her feel dumb for assuming. You will find this amusing enough to bring your confidence back.

Now, no one wants to hear objection but everyone at one point or another has heard the….

Objection #2: I have a boyfriend.

The funny thing is so many girls say this even though it isn’t true. Generally the best counter would be to say, “Well where is he? Shouldn’t he be here taking good care of you?” Make her feel like she is being left alone by this supposed boyfriend and she deserves so much better (aka you).

It’s always hard when you are trying to make your approach amidst an entire flock of females and you get the….

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Objection #3: I’m just here with my friends.

It’s her way of saying; I’m with my friends so leave me alone. The good thing about this objection is you can turn it around and introduce yourself to her friends and then make yourself popular by buying them all drinks. Perhaps pay attention to one of the friends and she may come around by a big bout of jealousy.

Other tricky excuses girls try and use is the famous…

Objection #4: I just got over a bad break up.

Like you asked to go steady or something! Regardless, if you get this one, just test her truthfulness by relating. Tell her you also just broke up and express how hard it has been. Tell her meeting people feels so different and awkward and see if you get her to open up by relating.

Finally, the biggest objection, I like to call the blow off, is…

Objection #5: I’m meeting someone here.

In this case, you should probably not push too hard as she most likely is meeting someone. However, you can simply say, oh, me too…I will keep you company until my friend comes. If you think she is bothered by this statement, your best bet is to turn the other cheek so to speak and buy her a drink until he arrives. This not only undermines the fact that whoever she is waiting for left her sitting there without being taken care of but it points out his tardiness and your perfect attendance!

Overcoming rejections by handling objections will help you not only feel prepared next time around but also will give you an sense of self pride in spite of the lame excuses. The important thing to consider is most women are not throwing objections out there to hurt you, they are simply unsure about who you but don’t want to hurt your feelings. Instead they find ways to let you down gently.

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