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The 6 Point First Impression Checklist

Have you ever walked away from an interaction with a woman and had no idea what kind of impression you made?

How would you like to know EXACTLY what you needed to demonstrate to her on the first impression so that you could go in with a game plan, and leave the interaction knowing that you covered all your bases?

If so, this six point first date impression checklist is something that you want to memorize and master as soon as possible.

We'll begin with the least important and move on to the most important...

#6 Did You Show Interest?

Yes, this is the least important thing that you need to do on the first interaction...but you still need to do it. Truly, it is good to keep a woman guessing about your level of interest and to arouse some sense of mystery and curiosity.

But is it possible to act so aloof that she simply assumes that you are not interested in her at all? This is very bad because it leaves a wound on her ego which will keep her from interacting with you in the future. So make sure that you are applying the basic flirting principles which we covered in previous emails.

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#5 Were You Presentable?

Have you ever heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? This is especially true in your physical appearance. You can tell a lot about a person by the way that they dress and their personal hygiene habits...and women know this.

If a woman's first impression of you is someone who walks around with holes or stains in his clothes, bad breath (please use breath mints or gum, brushing teeth is simply not enough), a hair (this means facial hair as well), tacky jewelry or clothes which don't match, you can forget about seeing her again.

#4 Did You Demonstrate Decisiveness?

Remember, decisiveness is a masculine trait which ALL women (even the most controlling types) need to have in a man. If you have what Anthony Robbins calls "flabby decision-making muscles" or if you have a habit of procrastinating, you need to straighten this out right away.

If not, it will make things very difficult when you try to demonstrate decisiveness in your first interaction with the woman.

For example, if you hover or stare at a woman for five minutes before approaching her to speak, or if you end the interaction by stuttering and kicking the ground for 30 seconds before asking for her phone number, she's probably going to label you as a man who is insecure and other words, just a friend.

#3 Are You "Non-Needy?"

If you've been keeping up with the e-mails in this series you know how important it is to be "non-needy." Remember, the more desperate that you are for a woman to like you, the more insecure you are going to appear as the less she is going to be attracted to you. This is why it's important that you don't telegraph your interest to her.

TIP: You can avoid appearing needy by making a direct remark about how you think she might "make a good friend." Trust me, she'll wonder what you mean and whether or not you are really attracted to her.

#2 Did You End the Interaction First?

This is HUGE when it comes to demonstrating high value to a woman. Ending an interaction first is probably the simplest and most effective way that you can make a dramatic change in your dating life. Whether the interaction is a first date, a first meeting, a phone call or even a second, third and fourth date...ALWAYS be the first to end the interaction.

#1 Did You Arouse Curiosity?

Remember that if you spill out your guts and tell her everything about you there is going to be nothing more to learn and she is probably going to lose interest very fast. A simple way to tell whether or not you arouse curiosity is to ask yourself if there's something that she still wants to know about you but you didn't tell her.

TIP: Make a point to answer at least one of her questions by saying: "We can talk about that...but not yet. I'll tell you next time I see you."

Now memorize the six points, and get to work on using them to make phenomenal first impressions.

There are no second chances to create a powerful and positive first impression. If you want to ace it first time every time, add this course to your toolkit:

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