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Turning Friends into Lovers

There are two things you have to do in order to move out of the platonic zone. The first one is to be willing, and the second one is to evoke jealousy in her.

Firstly, if you have any moral grounds or mental blockages that may prevent you from doing this, then you can go ahead and condemn yourself to forever listening to the woman of your dreams telling you how a certain guy turns her on and so forth.

As a matter of fact, evoking jealousy happens all the time, just not intentional. You’ve probably experienced this with a female friend in the past and you know exactly how effective it can be. There are those times when a friend that you generally regarded as not sexy suddenly started to make you feel awkwardly jealous to the point of wanting to ‘bed’ her.

You realize that in such a scenario, your friend didn’t intentionally intend to make you jealous, but the effectiveness of doing it was not connected in any way to whether she intended it or not.

Sexual value has everything to do with it.

One of the quickest ways to reveal your sexual value is by evoking jealousy. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized in the process of turning friends into lovers. Whether she has interest in you or not, the attention you accord her makes her feel good.

Thus, if you put your interest elsewhere, your friend’s good feelings will be cut off and her happiness will be effectively gone. She will then be attracted to you in a different way; one that she cannot explain. Here, it is the subconscious mind at work and, it is more powerful than the conscious mind.

 2nd Chance in a relationship

Have you ever noticed that female friends like to discuss other guys with their male friends as if they were talking to their girlfriends? This is a fact but on top of that, it also shows that you have zero sexual value to them.

How to reverse that

Look at it this way; women love men, and they love men’s attention. What you need to do here is to remind her that you’re a man, and then stop giving her attention.

Start by talking about a past experience, say with your ex, in great detail. You can also just bring up any female – other than her – and talk about her. If you get this right, you will instantly feel the momentum shifting back to you.

Obviously, if you’re attracted to a female friend, you’ll feel offended when she talks about how she’s attracted to another guy. You only need to hold your cool and stay calm. The worst thing you can do is to show your emotions. Let her calmly talk and finish.

Once she’s done talking, begin your story too. What you want to do is to be as descriptive as you can, to the point where you notice discomfort in her. Women love small details so don’t leave anything out.

If she reacts by saying that you’re too graphic, or you went too far, or she stays silent for a prolonged period, then you know that you’ve scored some points.

If you keep up your game – staying calm, taking away your attention, etc – she will soon find it hard to hide her desire for you.

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