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Ways to Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating can be as time consuming and frustrating as job hunting. The number of competition climbs every year and individuals are finding it more and more difficult to climb their way to the surface of the dating pool.

The good news is there are ways to improve your online dating profile to up the odds of getting noticed!

Photos and Images

Tell the story of who you are with carefully selected pictures. Be particular about what you choose to post as these are carefully scrutinized. Avoid posting any of the following types of images and be aware of what these say about who you are:

• Unattractive shots or angles – UGLY, OUT OF SHAPE OR SCARY LOOKING
• Funny photos which are only amusing if you were there – JOKER, CLOWN
• Photos with a host of different guys/girls – PLAYER, SLUT
• Photos which involve you drinking, smoking and partying – IMMATURE

Do post nice, attractive pictures with you or perhaps you and family members. Photos with you and children are terrific such as nieces and nephews. This shows a down to earth, human side to your life. You may also post pics of you participating in active hobbies such as boating, skiing or travels.

When to Use Humor

When showcasing yourself as a dating possibility, there are times when you should and should not use humor to define yourself.

• Use wit to talk about heavy, philosophical beliefs.

In other words, rather than come across as inflexible and heavily serious, tie in a few quirky lines to show you are not completely stuffy. Self deprecation is also okay in small doses as this shows you are a real person who is able to look at life with a grain of humor and flexibility.

• Do not use humor to make fun of others or mask who you really are.

Imagine you are on a date. What would you say to impress upon that person who you really are? It is important not to use your profile to mock or belittle others or other belief systems which are sacred to some.

Discussing what you are NOT looking for – while it may be funny, will make prospects uncomfortable about your judgmental nature. Keep things light but real when talking about who you are.

You certainly don’t want your views to appear as one big joke. Ultimately you do want to be taken seriously and not come across as immature or lacking in values.

• Amusing Pictures

Funny photos of you dressed up as a Smurf for Halloween are okay and show a fun, good natured individual. Pictures of you streaking the local football stadium on game day are not funny and most likely are not attractive to view.

What to Write About Yourself

Positive ways to improve your online dating profile include writing informative, solid information about who you are as a person. It is best to be as straightforward as possible. Just as you read through profiles of possible dating candidates, others will do the same.

You will be put through a rigorous test prior to even making a connection based on what you say and how you say it. You want to offer the best and most information so others can make an educated guess about whether or not you will get along.

Write about your ideals, your beliefs, your likes and dislikes and do so with the tone of someone who stands by their values but is also open to new ideas.

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Interests and Hobbies

Be forthcoming. If you don’t have hobbies, get some. Just because you always wanted to cross country ski does not make it a hobby. You don’t want someone to get the wrong impression about who you are. If someone is cross referencing a search looking to share a skiing passion; they will feel blindsided when they discover you aren’t really involved.

Have interesting and mature hobbies. Beer pong, sex and porn are not mature hobbies. Try getting involved in organizations, volunteer work and good causes. As you grow, your profile will follow and you will be much more attractive to the opposite sex.

Keep it Positive

Never incorporate negative outlooks or perspectives into your profile. Rants about political belief systems or your ex-wife will not highlight you as someone worthy of pleasant company.

Gather all the good qualities you possess and find a way to showcase those qualities. Even if you have a low self esteem don’t let everyone know. You certainly wouldn’t want to create a negative pattern of attracting depressed, unhappy and unhealthy people so avoid this cycle.

Update Your Profile

Keep tabs on your online presence. Think of it as self branding and marketing. Just as you would update your resume while job hunting, you should change your profile accordingly as well. Add new pictures, list any new goals or interests.

Open a blog to express ideas you are interested in and post the link to your profile with regular entries. You never know who has you on their “watch” or “maybe” list. Adding new elements may be the trigger which motivates someone to take interest and initiative.

There are many ways to improve your online dating profile when you improve your lifestyle and interests. By following this advice you will have much more success in attracting the right people. Always remember to be honest about who you are and to keep things within the spectrum of positivity.

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