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Pick Up Artist Techniques

The skill of attracting and pursuing women is an art form which can be honed and developed by even the worst of candidates.

There are pick up artist techniques any guy can learn to adapt in order to be successful with the girls.

Gauge the Girl

The first thing a pick up artist needs to know is how to gauge a girl. By knowing the different types of women, he can then continue with the correct delivery of his attraction skills.

All females are different. They come in different packages with different personalities and baggage. Below is a summary of the different types of females you will encounter and the approach necessary to attract these women.

The Confident Girl

A confident girl has a high self esteem. She will not be fooled by a guy who feigns confidence nor will she take interest in Mr. Nice Guy. This girl needs a truly confident man who is not afraid to approach her with frankness. A wink, a confident smile and eye contact that would suggests your interest works best with her.

To spot a confident girl, look for signs of leadership and comfort ability. She generally leads the conversation between friends. Her mannerisms are open and big. Her head is held high and her presence is powerful. Her eye contact will be direct and astute.

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The Submissive Girl

A submissive girl is generally more shy, quiet and closed. She is easy to pick out of a crowd as she generally will display body language indicative of someone defensive. Most likely she will have parts of her body crossed and protected; generally her arms, legs or hands. She will also look down often and avoid making direct eye contact.

A submissive girl is prone to gallantry and will be easily swayed by charm. She will close off, however, to over aggressive pick up tactics. This girl needs someone warm, gentle, kind and sincere. You should start off with a friendly approach and a gentlemanly nature. Buy her a drink or compliment something about her. Don’t over do it and scare her away.

The Edgy Girl

This girl is as complicated as she is dark. While she may just be your thing, it’s important to know how to suit her. She’s generally the girl with the funky hair or deep stare. You will notice her fashion could be alternative and she may not willingly give away her smiles. Generally she will come across as untouchable and unapproachable although this is only a façade.

To attract this girl you will need to step out of your conventional boundaries. The best advice is to keep it real and raw. In other words, don’t play games. You will need to appeal to her in an intellectual and coded manner.

It must be one that says you are capable of complex thought and can journey with her into dark or interesting places. The most important tactic with her is to appeal to her mysterious side. She will enjoy intrigue and the game of hard to get.

Whether you use these initial pick up artist techniques on all types or simply find the type of girl you attract best, these methods will help you break down the initial barriers when meeting women.

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