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Secrets of "Unpredictability" and "Excitement" For Dating Women

As you've probably noticed, women are drawn to Badboys. They date them, they chase after them, they fight over them, they sleep with them and they usually marry them.

But do you know what? There is no reason why they shouldn't be doing all these things with you.

You have to learn how to create the two things which Badboys use to get women attracted to them: unpredictability and excitement.

If you can learn to create these two things, you can still be the sweet romantic and loving man, but with the Badboy edge...and THAT is an irresistible combination!

Let's start by taking a look at the dynamics of unpredictability and excitement...

Where Does Excitement Come From?

What is the most exciting movie you have ever seen? Can you imagine having to watch that same movie every day for a year straight? I'm guessing you would probably get pretty bored after a while wouldn't you... but why?

Because the more predictable something is, the less exciting it is. Just think about a job that you were stuck in where you were bored out of your mind... was it predictable? Or what about a relationship that you were in which you had no sense of excitement...I'm guessing it was pretty predictable as well.

You see, predictability breeds boredom...but variety and unpredictability breed excitement. Now, human beings need a degree of predictability in their lives in order to facilitate need for security and certainty. This is especially true for women, so that's what they tell people that they want.

The problem is that they also need excitement and variety in their lives, and that's where over 90% of guys fall flat on their face when it comes to connecting with women. Most are so predictable in your interactions with women that women get bored around them...and they get bored fast.

 But they still keep these kinds of men as friends... sound familiar? So how can you use unpredictability to stay out of the friends zone and attract quality women into your life?

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First, Show Interest On Your Terms

Did you know that there is a way to give a woman exactly what she wants and to be unpredictable and exciting?

It's easy, most women will use indirect communication to tell you that they want something, and most guys are pretty good at figuring this out. The problem is that most guys also give the woman exactly what she wants when she wants it.


Boring and predictable! Just think about it. They know exactly what you're going to do and WHEN you're going to do it... how boring is that? How about this instead...

Make a mental note (or written if you must) about things that she likes, and leave it at that. Then change the subject, as if you didn't hear her or as if it's not that important. Then, surprise her by doing it later... ...when you're ready to do it.

This works like magic.

For example, if a woman tries to touch your hand or make some kind of a physical connection with you, pull away.

Don't be rude about it or she might get turned off. Just don't respond to her immediately like every other man does. Then, make the same move on her later on...just try it on your next date.

It will be exactly what she wants, and it will still be a surprise...the best of both worlds.

TIP: keep a "file" on your woman and write down the things that she matter how minor they may seem. Make a note of how she likes her coffee, what kinds of food she likes, her favorite actors or movies, book she likes to read.

Then, long after she has forgotten she told you, surprise her by making her coffee or taking her to a restaurant which has her favorite kind of food. You get the idea.

This is really fun when you get the hang of it... and you might be surprised at the seductive effect this has on the woman.

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