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Seduction Tips for Men

Imagine having a flock of female company no matter where you go. If you learn these top 10 seduction tips for men, you will be able to entice women no matter where you go.

These proven strategies have provided successful dating and relationship ventures for many guys so why shouldn’t it be you?

Tip #1: Look Her Over

Don’t just look her over and that’s that. The goal is to let her know she is interesting and appealing but then play hard to get. So, make eye contact, smile, wink or nod, and then look away. Wait for her to look back and you will know she is into you.

Tip #2: Be a Man

If you want to seduce like a man, first you have to be a man! To do this, throw away the boyishness that hasn’t been working. Don’t wear an old hoody out to attract women. Be a grown up and put on a button down or collared shirt. Women are attracted to status or at least men who look and act like they have status.

Also, rather than be the center of attention with your loud, roaring laugh and your beer guzzling competition, be the mysterious guy who is actively social yet doesn’t need the approval of others. She will be intrigued by this maturity and drawn to your masculinity.

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Tip #3: Be Confident

Almost every article ever written on attracting females mentions the importance of confidence. When it comes to seduction tips for men, it is probably the most important. Exude a level of self respect by removing the negative thought patterns which tear down your inner assuredness.

Learn to be confident rather than act confident. To do this, stop seeking female approval and begin seeking your own approval. You will find more women will be attracted to who you are on the inside and this will reflect in your disposition.

Tip #4: Be Real

In other words, if you are going to give her a compliment, make sure it is sincere. If you are discussing yourself, don’t exaggerate. The more real you are to her, the more likely she is to trust you and eventually end up with you. Women are intuitive and can see through false identities rather quickly.

Tip #5: Stop Assuming

Too many men lose out on a chance with a gorgeous woman because they assume she is out of their league. More often than not, men are more attractive to women than they think. Don’t assume anything and go for it if you are interested. You don’t have anything to lose and you may find yourself happily surprised when she is attracted to you after all!

Tip #6: Take Control

This is an attractive technique most women naturally fall for. Inherently women are searching for an equal or a partner who is strong and capable of protecting and taking care of her. Make room for her to walk if it’s crowded or buy her a drink without her asking for one. Any of these things will show her you can control a situation.

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Tip #7: Be a Leader

In order to seduce women you must be an alpha male. If you have had beta male habits, now is the time to set them aside and start adopting leadership qualities if you want the best girl in the room. Be sure she will be watching your interactions with others and how you handle yourself in a social scenario.

If you are able to control conversations naturally without forcing everyone’s attention and also lead discussions or events, you will be more attractive to her than the other guy, regardless of what you look like. Strong females require strong males to support them.

Tip #8: Be Specific

If you are going after her, make it clear she is your target for now. If you are going to say something nice, don’t be boring. Tell her something very specific which only you have observed. This will touch her and make her feel special.

Tip #9: Be Sexually Secure

Don’t make gay jokes or pretend to be macho if you are not. An attractive guy doesn’t need to promote his sexuality. Don’t be afraid to be affectionate by touching her hand or putting your arm around her if she is comfortable with you. This all adds up to your ability to be a man and please her eventually in the bedroom.

Tip #10: Eliminate Conceit

Many guys confuse confidence and conceit. Be sure you are not too indifferent or playing hard to get to the point where you are unapproachable. Confidence is something that simply is while conceit is covering up for a lack of self esteem. Don’t brag or show off as this is a huge turn off to women. It says you are immature and self conscious.

By following these 10 dating tips for men you should be a pro at landing the chicks. Keep it real and down to earth and don’t forget to incorporate your own sense of humor and personality to make it interesting.

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