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Sexual Attraction in Conversations

Most of us, when we fancy someone, we want to let them know without actually saying a word. It’s not because of lack of words, but because non-verbal communication can be so powerful in the dating arena.

Sexual attraction between a man and a woman is one of the most fascinating things in the world. In all places it can manifest, it is in conversations that sexual attraction becomes more apparent.

This is especially if one’s object of desire is the other party in the conversation. In this article, we’ll look at an overview of sexual attraction in conversations.

What happens when you meet someone for the first time?

When we encounter someone new, it is an unofficial fact that we almost instantly make   judgment and an emotional assessment – often referred to as ‘chemistry’. The chemistry between a man and a woman can be incredibly powerful. It basically bursts forth from nowhere and hits you like a slap in the face (only that the feeling is nicer in this case). Moreover, it only takes 1/400th of a second for a response to be triggered.

How do you tell that someone is sexually attracted to you?

If you’re on a date with someone whose attraction is driving you to distraction, pay close attention to them. Definitely, there’s no obvious way you can tell that someone is sexually attracted to you during a conversation, but you can possibly do if you keenly read their body language.

Keep in mind that conversations or flirtations happen at different speeds, depending on the people involved and their personalities. Body language and the speed at which a couple interacts sexually are directly related to personality. Individuals that are extrovert easily get bored and are impatient, while introverts proceed cautiously and at a slow pace.

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Signs of sexual attraction in a conversation

Eye contact – eye contact is one of the easiest things used to convey sexual orientation in a conversation. In fact, it is not only through a lingering stare, it can also be through visual probing. Usually, when two people having a conversation stare each other ‘in the eye’, one person looks away initially because they don’t want the other person to tell that they are sexually attracted to them.

They will then wait to see if the other person is interested too, normally if they also stare back directly into their eyes. This is especially common during the very first conversations, on the outset when neither party knows what the other person want, feels or thinks about them.

Touch and physical distance – touching and physical space may reveal a lot about sexual attraction in a conversation. Firstly, the physical space between two people shows how comfortable they are with each other, or how ‘willing’ they are to get close.

It may also be determined by personality. Normally, if we are sexually attracted to someone, we will generally be more comfortable and more willing to get physically closer to them.

Physical touch – such as holding hands, etc – during a conversation is a clear sign of sexual attraction. If changing the physical distance between two people is effortless, then that’s a sign of sexual attraction.

Women, especially those who are a bit timid about eye contact or physical touch, will usually lean forward to show interest; they are sending out a message that they like to share space with the person they are with and be closer. Where there is sexual attraction, they also use this to display their breasts, and it definitely appeals to the male party.

While these signals are to a great extent indicative of sexual attraction, it is not always wise to assume this is the case with everybody. Remember, personalities dictate a lot of things that happen between a man and a woman in a conversation.

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