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Should a Man Pay For a Dinner on a Date?

Going dutch is a term that is used to indicate that every single person participating in a group activity will have to pay for himself or herself, such as a restaurant bill or movie tickets.

While the Dutch treat is more common among groups of friends, a Dutch date has also started to become a trend for modern daters.

Still, there is still that nagging question that everyone would like to ask: should a man pay for a dinner on a date?

A lot of people may say that doing so is old school stuff and there should be flexibility in terms of payment. After all, women have asked for equal rights for men and should therefore be given the same responsibilities, such as paying for one’s meal, even on a date. Here's some dating advice for you...

1) Do - On your first date.

In most cases, it is the guy who asks a girl out, thus giving him the responsibility to pay for the first dinner together. It could be likely that the woman was not prepared financially, especially if you two are out on some fancy restaurant. After all, it was you who asked her out and suggested the place.

2) Do - If you feel

A lot of men have this ego issue that they are to pay the bills since it would make them believe that they are the ones who are financially stable in the relationship. It is a polite gesture to offer to pay for dinner unless, of course, the woman insists on paying for her share of the meal or for the entire tab. It is then considered rude to reject that offer.

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3) Don’t - if you do not want her to play hard-to-get.

A reason as to why a lot of people are bothered to the question, should a man pay for a dinner on a date, is that there are times when such gesture would work to their disadvantage. Some women would feel uncomfortable with such situations and would make them feel like they are in the ‘courtship’ mode.

While this may be partly true on your side, there could be times that a woman would switch to hard-to-get mode and make you wait for sex. Things may become more difficult for you as they get into thinking that you are pursuing them.

4) Don’t - if you do not want to put on pressure.

Aside from the above example, some women would also feel very uncomfortable when their dinner is paid for because it puts on the pressure. This may get her to thinking that you are asking for something so much more than her company over that dinner because you are paying for things. This could scare her and make her feel uncomfortable all throughout the ‘date’.

5) Don’t - if you do not want to create expectations.

So, should a man pay for a dinner on a date? Most likely if he does start paying for dinner then he could be raising that expectation that he will be paying for dinner every single time. On the practical side of life, you might also want to give your wallet a break from time to time, right?

Ultimately, communication between you and your date is very important. If you feel overly pressured on your finances, tell your date beforehand about going Dutch. Even if you are financially capable of paying for the date, it is only courteous to ask your date how she feels about it. At the end of the day, you do not want to spoil your date because of any mis-handling of this issue.

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