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Single Parents and Dating

Having children is challenging in and of itself and then, poof, you find yourself divorced or single while still raising kids!

Dating becomes a confusing and arduous task to achieve and most single parents struggle with the time and effort of finding good company.

Luckily there are many resources available for single parents and dating which can bring that availability back into your life. It is important for your health to take the leap and make time for dating lest life passes you by and loneliness ensues.

The “Children” Crutch

Too many single parents avoid the effort of dating by using their children as an excuse. “Oh, I don’t have time…there’s soccer practice and homework and besides, they wouldn’t understand.”

Guess what? They don’t need to understand right now! It’s not up to your children whether you should date or not. After all, if you left all the important decisions up to them, surely they would eat ice cream for breakfast and only clean their room when it was time to move out. So stop using the poor kiddos as a reason to hide away in misery.

Your children will learn the importance of socializing and emotional development rather than wilting in self depravity due to fear of heartache. They need to see their parents overcome the separation trust that love and happiness is possible again. After all, you are not replacing their other parent – as long as they know this – they will be fine and not feel threatened.


Who Will Date Someone with Kids

The mentality that no one will want you because you are burdened with children is a myth. While yes, certainly there are those who would not explore this particular scenario, there are plenty of other single parents available and looking! In fact there are many individuals without kids who would welcome the opportunity.

How to Meet Single Parents

The best resources for single parents and dating are listed below. There are also a few creative options so keep an open mind when looking to meet people.

• Online Dating Sites
• Dating Agencies
• Play Date Groups for Singles
• Work
• Organizations
• The Park
• School Events
• Friends and Family Referrals
• Single Parents Cruises or Resorts

Many single parents stumbled upon their significant other simply by networking and keeping their eyes open. Regardless if you want to date for long term romance or are simply lonely and would like the company of the opposite sex, all are possible. Have the mind set to get out there and enjoy playing the dating game.

Your children will benefit from an improved attitude and a higher level of self confidence which you will exude. Don’t be the old hermit who someday lives with 20 cats and never leaves home. Once your kids are out of the house, be someone they will be proud to visit with their loves.

With a little research and a positive attitude it is just as easy to have success as a single parent and dating. Avoid your silly mind games and be good to yourself. Doors will open to bring about potential relationships for your and your family.

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