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Tips for the End of the Date

The evening has concluded, you are standing at her door and find yourself fumbling and fidgeting with uncertainty. If you have had this uncomfortable experience, you are not alone.

Many guys don’t know what the next move should be and struggle at the conclusion of an evening.

Take a look at some of these tips for the end of a date, whether positive or negative, in order to have a confident and memorable finale!

To Kiss or Not to Kiss

Yes, that is a controversial question among daters. Many guys are unclear on the proper etiquette on dating and kissing.

Ideally, she will make it clear; however this is not always the case. Ask yourself a few questions first in order to be sure:

 -Is this a first date?

If the answer is yes, then moving slower only shows what a gentleman you are. For a comprehensive look on this, read our article on first date kissing.

 -Has she flirted with you?

Does she lean in and get close? Is she affectionate or seem to enjoy touching? Does she play with her hair or bat her eyes while speaking to you? If so, you are probably being given a subtle green light to proceed with a nice passionate kiss.

 -Does she seem tense, distracted or distant?

If she hasn’t given you any signs of adoration or physical interest, she may either not be willing or at least not ready for physical intimacy until she knows you better. Give her the space she needs. If she agrees to go out with you again, you will know she is just taking it slow.

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To Call or Not to Call

Most guys wonder if they should call a girl at the conclusion of a date. After you have said goodbye and the evening is not over you may find yourself thinking about her still.

Here’s what to do. If she is a confident, hard to get type female, it is best to wait and have her wonder. Rather than pounce on her right away, play hard to get yourself a little which will dial up your desirability as she is most likely used to guys pining for her.

If she is a shy, quiet, sweet, submissive type of girl, certainly call. She will be the type to appreciate your sincerity and will most likely be feeling a bit insecure about your feelings or intentions. By calling her right away to express what a good time you had and ask her out again, she will be flattered and immediately happy!

To Ask Her Out or Ask to Come In

The best way to determine whether this time you will conclude in a passionate embrace beneath the covers is by evaluating the length of your history. Tips for the end of the date include calculating the romantic involvement between you before determining how far you can go.

If this is only the first or third date, it is best to refrain until she has made it clear that is what she wants to have happen. When the relationship is fairly new, your best bet would be to end the evening by asking her out again.

When you have dated for awhile, (90 days is a good time frame) made out in the alley and expressed a desire for more together; it most likely is time to invite yourself in for a night cap. She may coyly say no but it isn’t the end of the world so long as your relationship continues.

The best tips for the end of a date involve romantic gestures, compliments and consideration. By insuring your date ends positively, you are setting yourself up for future dates or at least honing your skills for future prospects.

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