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Traits of Good Conversation Topics

Whether you are dating or having a luncheon with colleagues, knowing you are establishing a good rapport is important in building relationships.

In order to do this it is important to know and recognize the traits of good conversation topics. Many business professionals, public speakers and leaders take seminars and workshops to develop good speaking habits.

If you are a capable conversationalist you will excel in many areas of your life including dating and developing friendships.

Regardless of your skill set or academic nature, your ability stems from the keen observation of others ahs you engage them. Awareness of yourself and the influence you have on people will increase your viability as an interesting and confident person.

Signs Your Topic is a Good One

Knowing if you are on a roll and your conversations are engaging and interesting is easy if you look for these clues:

• Company is tuned in and all eyes are on you
• They are eager to hear what more you have to say
• The conversation is rolling and your company is participating
• Smiling, laughter and positive reactions
• Forward body language and head nods
• They are asking you questions and showing enthusiasm when you speak

Keep it Positive

Most people know but it should be said to stay away from topics which are negative or highly personal. Also, religion and politics should be kept off limits. This is not because they aren’t important discussions but because with so many passionately varying views it is easy to offend someone you may not know very well. Stay away from complaints, gossip or condescension. It is also a good idea to avoid discussing your private, personal history or prying into others lives.

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A good conversationalist makes others feel warm and included. The idea is to have people walk away from you with a sense of invigoration and enhanced energy. This does not mean you should feign happiness or interest but at least lead the format with a well rounded dose of optimism and enjoyment.

Ideal Topics

Selecting good topics and ideas for conversations is not hard. While you never want to completely dominate a conversation, it is helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve when deciding what to talk about. Below are a few terrific ideas for decent and positive topics:

• Topics which are humorous or self deprecating such as funny stories or events.

• Conversations about geographical similarities such as discussing a city which two people may find familiar or common travels.

• Philosophical conversations can be okay so long as everyone is interested and the topic does not turn into a heated debate. Keep it light and fun.

• News stories or interesting facts

• Hobbies or interests

• Things which make you happy, joyful or make you laugh.

Traits to good conversation topics also include asking questions to involve those you are with. Allow the questions to lead toward stimulating conversation. If your company eagerly answers and expounds upon the topic, most likely they are interested in the topic.

By recognizing traits to good conversation topics you will become a natural entertainer, leader and a confident speaker.

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