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When a Girl Wants You to Approach Her

If you are a guy and want to know the tell tale signs when a girl wants you to approach her then you have come to the right place!

Women give off many subtle clues which hint toward flirtation and desire and every guy should have his radar tuned to learn these indications. They can gesture, speak or simply look a certain way and you may have missed their invitation if you are caught unaware.

Women are subtle so you have to know what to watch for. Check out this advice to know what to look for in an interested female.

Body Language

Our body language is the silent method of communication instilled in each individual. How we feel, think and what we want is often projected through gestures in our body and how we carry ourselves.

• Flirtatious Body Language

When a female is interested she may initiate by first making eye contact. If she maintains her gaze in your direction and smiles, winks or nods, you can be sure she is calling you over. Sometimes an eyebrow is raised to say she’s intrigued. Pay attention to her eyes and what they are saying, if they linger, this is not by accident.

If she is looking at you while twirling her hair or tilting her hips your way, this is a flirtatious sign. She is simply using her feminine nature to draw you in her direction. Also, if you find she is cocking her head, licking her lips or opening her mouth slightly while looking your way, she is indicating sexual interest.

• Her Closeness

Perhaps you have made eye contact and she smiled your way but you didn’t make the next move. More often than naught, if she is really interested, she will start inching her way toward you. Most women want the guy to initiate the conversation but certainly if he’s not aggressive, she will make things easier by simply getting closer.

If you notice she is making her way toward you or has moved into an area where it is convenient for you to talk to her, she is saying, “okay, I’m here…now we can talk.” It is important to note, she most likely won’t strike up the conversation first as she is trying to figure out if YOU are interested and if you don’t make the move, she will think you’re not.

• Her Friends

She may be one of those girls who is chaperoned by a multitude of friends and sends them out on scouting missions to draw in prospective guys. If this is the case, she may either make eye contact and then send a friend over to converse with you or perhaps surround you within her group and create a conversation that way. Also, if you see her making eye contact and then whispering to her friends, she is most likely interested and playing a coy little game to attract your attention.

When a girl wants you to approach her, she is generally loud and clear. Unfortunately the messages are generally silent ones and she will not initiate conversation first. She wants to see if you are bold enough to make the move and although she will give ample signs of flirtation to help you along, she will expect you to be vulnerable first. By watching for the body language which suggests she’s into you, you will be able to begin narrowing down the playing field.

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