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Why Women Can’t Commit

We often hear stories of commitment phobic men who have playboy tendencies but have you ever wondered why women can’t commit?

Commitment in general tends to be a scary word indicating shackles, chains and the requirement of saintly conversion. This precept instills fear in women just as profoundly as men for different reasons.

As society has evolved, women are no longer lent towards an arranged life which dictates the management of household, child birth and child rearing alone.

Women are pointed toward career goals, education and financial contribution more so than at any other time in history. One of the best courses to make women commit is "Connect And Commit". Be sure to check it out.

Why the fear?

The main reason why women can’t commit is the fear of being repressed. It is not due to domination of male counterparts but rather of their own making. The concern that once settled down, they must don an apron and learn to cook, clean and operate in a domestic manner is daunting for many women. There is a limited focus on this in today’s upbringing and the lack of household knowledge leaves them hesitant to take on these responsibilities.

Past Issues

Often women have trouble committing due to poor relationship experiences in the past. Abuse, negative influences or heartbreak can affect a woman’s outlook on love and relationships in general. Overcoming a past abuse in particular can leave a woman unable to trust and cope with emotions.

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Any slight reminder or trigger to the past will send her running away in the direction of protective solitude. This doesn’t mean she will never be able to commit but simply she has not yet healed from this experience.

Women Don’t Need Men

Just as men are encouraged to play the field, likewise women are seeking ideal companionship. Today women are particular and there is less of a rush to capture an upstanding man who will take care of her as she is not in need.

This creates a slowing down of the matrimonial influence. It is a major reason why women can’t commit and glamorized by Hollywood exploits and Sex and the City adventures. Women want to be seen as strong and independent rather than meek and subservient.

The Ideal Situation

To provide women with an ideal way to embrace commitment, there must be a measure of balance within the relationship. Men and women who are both career minded need to share the duties of raising children and domestic chores.

A woman who is pointed toward outside success is going to be reluctant to sacrifice dreams in exchange for romance. Therefore both partners must play a part in assisting each other in reaching goals; both individual and mutual.

Women haunted by the past must find partners who are empathetic and able to assist in the healing which must take place in order for them to love themselves and ultimately another. This is a difficult journey but in the long run will lead to an even stronger foundation between the two people. Through understanding and trust a woman can learn to commit even with the most extreme past influences.

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