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Why Women Dig Men Who Qualify Them

Do you qualify a woman to see if she is actually what you're looking for? I'm not talking about sitting around looking at women deciding which one you want to approach.

I'm talking about being out on a date with a woman, an attractive one, and qualifying her before you determine your interest?

If not, you might be afraid that doing this will cause a woman to lose interest in you. In reality, the opposite is true. Women totally dig it when men qualify them. Here is why...

First, What Are Your Standards?

When it comes to your dating life, do you apply the principle: "If at first you don't succeed, lower your standards?" While this might sound funny, how many men do you know who have settled into relationships not out of choice, but out of taking what they could get?

Now think about this, how valuable is your perception of such a person?

If someone has to lower their standards in order to get into a relationship, it's almost certain that they are a person of lower social value. Either that, or they believe that they are a person of low social value, which in the end brings about the same result: settling for less.

You see, you can tell a lot about someone's value and their confidence by looking at the standards that they live their lives by. People who have low standards, generally have low self-confidence as well.

Such people also have a low social value in the eyes of others, and this is especially true in regard to how the opposite sex views them. You can learn how to boost your social values with ladies easily.

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Considering this, what message do you think a woman gets when you don't have any qualifications as to whether or not you're interested in her? That's right, it lowers your social value in her eyes and communicates to her that you might not be a good catch...

On the other hand, by qualifying a potential date, you communicate to her that you have high standards and are therefore a person of high value which suggests that you must be a good catch.

That's the first reason why women appreciate men who qualify them. But the second reason is much more important...

Who Wants to Be Disqualified?

Let's just think about this for a moment, how good would it feel to know that you were not "qualified" to date a woman? I bet that even if it's a woman you're not interested in, you're going to feel horrible about "not being good enough." As a result, most people work much harder to please or impress someone who is tested them to see if there qualified to date.

Now, I'm certainly not saying that by qualifying a woman you can create burning interest when there is absolutely none there. But if there's any spark of interest at all, I assure you that qualifying her will ignite that spark into a four alarm fire.

Why is this? Because no one wants to be disqualified when it comes to their social value. No one. Even the outcasts of society normally suffer emotional pain because they feel rejected and devalued. This is based on the emotional needs for significance and validation, and it's a powerful tool for building attraction.

So don't worry about scaring her off, establish a set of standards and stick with them. If you feel that your date might not measure up to them, ask some questions and find out if she meets your standards. The more you do this, and the higher your standards are, the higher quality women you will attract into your life.

TIP: What are the things that you must have in any relationship? What are the things which you will not tolerate? Make a list of these and make a commitment to yourself that you won't pursue any long-term relationship with someone who does not meet the standards.

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