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Mirabelle Summer’s 2nd Chance Review

2nd chance reviewThe ‘2nd Chance’ is another practical guide from relationship experts Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman. In appreciation of the differences between how men and women approach relationships, Amy and Mirabelle came up with separate editions for men and women.

According to the authors, a successful reconciliation is only possible if both parties have an appreciation of how the mind of the opposite sex works, especially regarding expectations in a relationship.

Definitely, breaking up with the love of your life can be one of the most devastating and frustrating things in someone’s life, and trying to find the right thing to do can make your efforts to try and turn things around very difficult.

What you will find in the 2nd Chance

• The defining step you need to take to increase your chances of you and your ex getting back together. Majority of people do not go beyond this step, not because it’s insurmountable, but because they do not understand how crucial it is.

• The five basic tips of the things you ought to say when you unexpectedly bump into your ex. You’ll also get to know what to say and how to handle yourself if you meet your ex with their new partner.

• What to say to your ex when you’re communicating on phone, texts, emails, public and private encounters.

• Learn how to make use of your friends to get back with your ex. Remember, friends can be useful or destructive, depending on how you relate with them.

• How to get your ex to contact you again after you break up.

• The five conversations you want to avoid with your ex after you break up. You also get to learn why they are harmful instead of being helpful.

• You’ll get to learn the five top ways that most people try to get their partners without success, and how to avoid these mistakes.

• The three fundamental communication techniques that are guaranteed to maximize your chances of you and your ex getting back.

• The three features you must master if you want to be more than just acquaintances with your ex.

• How to handle the situation after learning that your ex is dating again

• Learn the right time to re-establish contact with your ex, how to meet again and what exactly to say upon meeting again for the first time since you broke up.

• Learn how to ensure that when you get back together, the love in your relationship keeps growing stronger and better. You will learn how to build a much better and healthier relationship than what you had in the previous relationship.

• In section 7 of the eBook, there are numerous reader questions and answers which are very practical.  Every individual’s situation is different and they would need to know how to apply these techniques in their own unique circumstances.

The one striking thing about this guide is that all the techniques are very practical; things you’ll easily pick from the book and go and start applying them in real life.

In conclusion, this is a must have if you are serious about recovering your relationship, and best of all, it also works for relationships or marriages that are still intact but with problems.

2nd Chance in a relationship

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