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How to Give Compliments to Women

Learning how to give compliments is a proper tool everyone should know in order to develop key people skills.

Compliments are given to win friendships and make people feel special. They should be given freely with positive intent and never for the purpose of manipulation or feigned approval.

Many areas of your life will be improved greatly when you learn how to positively influence the people around you.

Top sales executives and public figures all learn these communication techniques in order to motivate individuals and promote a sense of leadership. This will assist in matters of business, success as well as enhance your personal relationships.


If you want to learn how to give compliments effectively, the first thing to understand is the level of sincerity behind your words. In offering praise it is important you are genuine in your acknowledgements.

Try to avoid offering praise when it is unwarranted. Keep tabs on yourself and be sure you are not simply offering compliments in order to win approval. It is easy to see through phony facades and the respect you have built will be diminished if you don’t keep it real.

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In order to give real words of praise, you have to develop a keen sense of observation. Become a people watcher and learn the psychology behind actions. If you pay attention, you will soon begin to notice kind acts which often go unnoticed.

Perhaps you will see your coworker struggling to help a customer. “You really tried hard to help her” you will say. You may begin to notice everyone around you has something positive about them and through your acknowledgement of their actions you are creating energy around you in which everyone will be attracted.


Watching the actions of people is equal to listening intently to what others say. “I take my niece to the zoo once a month” your date may mention. “Wow, you must be a really good Aunt” would be a complimentary reply. Your ability to hear and respond with something kind will go along way in developing relationships. You will be thought of as someone who is kind and in tune with others.


Using your intuition will teach you how to give compliments. Have you ever been around someone who seems to be having a bad day? By complimenting them on how hard they are working or how nice they look, you are in turn creating a cycle of positivity. You may not realize the power of nice words and the effect you have on others.

By helping another experience a better day you have created a karmic reaction which spreads goodness and hopefully motivates others to be as kind. While you may not be interested in changing the world, the most obvious outcome is a circle of people who cannot wait to spend time with you because of how you make them feel.

Stay in tune with people by tapping in to that inner voice which tells you more about a person than they offer. This will also make people think you know them better than perhaps they know themselves and you may find yourself acting as a leader, guide or teacher on their behalf.

Here are a few great compliments to give:

-Did you change your hair? I like it that way.
-You really have a way with people don’t you?
-You are such a hard worker, it motivates me!
-I admire your thoughtfulness all the time; you really know how to talk to people.
-I am impressed; you are so good at ______.
-I never knew you were so intelligent; it’s refreshing to have a conversation with you.
-You have the most beautiful eyes, I’m sure you’ve heard that before but they are very pretty.
-I like your style
-I could learn a few things from you.
-I think you are very courageous.

Learning how to give compliments will transform your life for the better. Not only will others be drawn to your warm, charismatic nature but you will begin to change your own negative thought patterns by looking for nice things to say.

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