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Connect And Commit Review – Amy Waterman

connect and commitConnect And Commit Review: Taking things to the next level of commitment is a relationship self-help guide written by renowned dating expert Amy Waterman.

The guide is available as an eBook downloadable in PDF format and split into three volumes. Amy Waterman wrote this guide to help you become someone that people would love to date and make a commitment to.

But that’s not all there’s to get from the book. You will learn what it takes to go though the different stages of a relationship up until the stage where you’re ready to commit and maintain the relationship for the long-term. Better yet, all this will come naturally when you follow what this guide teaches.

The key premise of the guide is the idea that every relationship that progresses to a long-term commitment passes through six stages that most people have no clue about, although very predictable: from the moment the two of you fall in love, right to the stage where you build a strong, lasting relationship that can withstand any challenge that comes along and is potentially disastrous.

According to the author, every relationship meets new challenges at every stage, which can lead it to end if not wisely handled. For instance, if, at the falling in love stage, there’s not enough attraction, or if the attraction is not ‘natural’, then no relationship will form – you might go on several dates with a man but eventually realize that there’s just not enough chemistry between the two of you for it to keep going.

And while this first stage is very apparent to many people (falling in love), the second stage is where it all gets blurry for them (reality check). At this stage, most of the initial magic wears off and you really get to see your partner for their true self – a person is not really perfect and so different from you in various ways. What most people assume is that they are not compatible with each other and therefore a break up is the best thing at this stage.

However, for a relationship to make it to the stage of commitment, the two partners have to make it through this stage. Amy Waterman gives you in-depth skills of how to navigate through all the six stages.

On top of all this, you will be introduced to a number of topics relevant to commitment in a relationship so that you get the best chance possible to make your relationship a fulfilling one, not just for you but your partner too.

This guide is mainly aimed at people currently in a relationship, just like the subtitle suggests. It helps you take your relationship to a higher level of commitment. However, single people who want to be in a committed relationship will find the material useful as well. In any case, ‘Connect And Commit’ is a book that will make much more sense if read before going into a relationship.

A 60-day guarantee offered on purchase ensures that you are totally satisfied with the material inside before you make the final commitment to buy it. It goes to show the faith that the author has in her own work, so don’t hesitate to get yourself a copy if you want to be in a joyous steady relationship that will last.


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Connect And Commit Review – Amy Waterman