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Dating Basics | Dating For Beginners

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Meeting people, spending time with the opposite sex and learning how to connect are all part of dating basics.

Dating can be a fun, empowering time to unite with others and learn ultimately about your self. These top 5 tips for dating should be in your back pocket and will help you keep your perspective clear.

Tip #1: Don’t change who you are

It’s easy to be caught up in the moment and impress your dates. Everyone puts on their best hat and gloves in order to show themselves in the best light. The unfortunate problem in relationships is that many individuals change their true nature in order to electrify the interest of another.

Dating should be used as a platform for developing long term relationships. Regardless of whether the current dating prospective is someone you see yourself with in the future, you should still consider the time as a growing period.

Learning to open up and be real is the key in finding an ideal mate. If you can practice openness while dating, you will be advocating for your own future and ability to find someone who truly fits you rather than trying to impress people with a false identity.

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Tip #2: Be realistic about who you date

Sure, you can be picky, but if your ideal date is a 5ft. 9” blonde with a perfect body and flawless disposition, you are not setting yourself up for much success. It’s not to say you don’t qualify as the type for a perfect person, but rather, there is no such thing. You have to be realistic. Neither you nor your dates are perfect.

In order to have successful experiences and relationships you will need to lower your expectations and realize everyone has baggage and flaws. Your dates will offer you a myriad of nuances in which to explore and eventually you will learn what you can tolerate and what you want to stay away from.

Tip #3: Always be respectful

In order to be a success at dating, you should always be mindful of the other person. Regardless of whether you see the date going further or have any interest at all. If you are conscientious of the person’s feelings, you will be that much more practiced when the real thing comes along. Always be a gentleman, always call and always treat your date with honor and special attention. This model will serve you well in the long run and believe it or not, the word will get around.

Tip #4: Consider your pick up spots

It is important to know what you want and then where to look when it comes to dating basics. If you are not looking for a long term partner eventually then by all means, hit your local bars and nightclubs. Keep in mind the type of person you will meet here may not be a long term candidate.

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If you are seeking a real relationship, think about your interests and try and meet people within these parameters. For example, if you enjoy art, try your pick up tactics at local art festivals, galleries or museums.

There are plenty of singles out there enjoying the same interests. If you enjoy sports, look for dates at local sporting events. The internet is also a fantastic place to seek ideal dating companions as you can pair your interests with another’s without the guessing game.

Tip #5: Be creative

Dating is fun and shouldn’t be stressful or challenging. Try and make your dates entertaining for you both rather than simply trying to impress the person. Do different things and use dating as a way to explore life and new ideas. For example, instead of a picnic in the park, go for a picnic canoe ride.

Instead of dinner in a restaurant, try a candlelit rooftop dinner which you cooked. Test your boundaries. Once you have discovered several tried and true dating ideas, you will feel much more secure and in control. Not to mention you will have created lasting memories and discovered more of who you are.

While dating is a time to look for a potential partner for the long haul, it is also a time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. In essence, a date creates a scenario where you are committed to sharing something of yourself and experiencing life while getting along with another person. By keeping this positive modality when it comes to dating basics you will enjoy more positive and attentive dates as well as eventually enjoying the company of your future partner.

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Dating Basics | Dating For Beginners